1. I do the same thing :)!!

  2. thank you so much

  3. I didn’t know about this, which is kind of embarrassing, because I’m in my
    late 20’s, and definitely not new to makeup. Anyway, thanks for making this
    video, going to try it right now 😉

  4. I never thought of using EVOO but I’ll try it the next time I wash my
    brushes. Thanks for the great tip! Thank you Michelle Phan too 🙂

  5. I didn’t know about the olive oil! That’s great!

  6. Great quick tip! 🙂

  7. Great idea mixing the two together 🙂 One question though… I usually wash
    my brushes in warm water but would you rinse with hot to get all the excess
    oil completely out?

  8. Great video! I tried this method before, but felt like it left an oily
    residue behind. Maybe I didn’t rinse them well enough. Right now I’ve been
    using Rubbing Alcohol on my synthetic brushes and it cleans so well plus
    the bristles dry super fast 🙂

  9. IntoxicatingArtsBeau

    Thanks for making this video. It’s super helpful to me since I’m pretty new
    to actually using multiple brushes . Also, I like that you showed an
    extremely affordable way since there’s a lot of vids popping up using that
    $30 mit that I’ll definitely never buy.

  10. I heard hot water can damage ur brushes because it will melt the glue that
    holds the bristels in place.i wouldnt recommend. Lukewarm water usually
    works great

  11. Is there a certain amount of each that you use?

  12. thanks for sharing this!

  13. Have never thought to use olive oil. I use baby shampoo!

  14. Haha, no, Im pretty random! I just balance it out how ever I feel that day
    but I would think it would be fine with whatever mixture. maybe about equal?

  15. Its great right? 🙂 Love ya!

  16. Its pretty great huh?! 🙂

  17. Hahahha not embarrassing at all love!:) Glad I could help you!

  18. Thanks love! 🙂

  19. thanks Kendall!

  20. I’ve seen this in other vids but I have never tried it. I have to do it
    now! Loved the vid 🙂

  21. i use baby shampoo!! but one thing i would add to this video (i think
    michelle talked about it in her video) is that the dish soap is
    anti-bacterial so it’s great for acne prone skin!! :]

  22. Good video. Does the olive oil make your brushes oily? Like is there olive
    oil residue left over ?

  23. LovelyBeautifulMe

    I have to clean my brushes tonight so I am going to do this! Thank you for
    sharing 🙂

  24. Thanks! I did this and it was awesome!

  25. Just a quick tip, they sell rubber mits for washing your dog and they even
    have two different textures. I use this and it works so well to work
    through the bristles and it is WAY cheaper then the sigma brush cleaning
    mit. I bought mine for $5.

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