4 Home Improvement Projects You Can Undertake

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This winter I was in a pretty messed up situation. Residing in Canada, the heavy snowfall was as merciless as always and caused ice build up in my home’s roof. Accumulated ice leads to roof leaks, interior damage and damage to the attic space, and damage to the roof system.

As mine is a flat roof, the ice damming was more complicated. Ice damming on flat roofs can cause roof collapse, if the ice is left unattended. Often it gets in to the seams of the flat room membranes, works its way to the under flashing and causes significant leaks in skylights, roof openings like roof vents, and deteriorates the entire roof system.

Apprehending all these, I immediately contacted a qualified roofing contractor in Winnipeg, Canada, and he made the necessary repairs at quite affordable rates. You can visit www.antonyshynroofing.ca to know more about them. When hiring a roofing contractor, especially one to remove ice from flat roofs, make sure that he has done similar jobs in the past. You can get references of finished projects and get feedbacks of the clients.

Do not consider ice removal to be a DIY project. It needs skill and knowledge that professionals possess. If you try out the project on your own, you are sure to only worsen the case. Professionals are needed because:

  1. They know the right technique of snow removal without causing any damage to the waterproofing membrane. In fact, a thin layer of snow is left as a form of protection to the membrane.

  2. They can set up safety perimeters around the building. Serious fall injuries, even death, occur when people try to clear the snow off their laden roofs as they lack the required knowledge cleaning as well as safety. People often end up causing secondary damage to the roof, like damaging gutters and shingles, when trying to chop the ice.

  3. Professionals have all the required equipments.

A weakening roof structure needs to be immediately addressed. Some signs of a weakening roof structure:

  • Interior door jamming or rubbing against the frame.

  • Buckling or deformation of the ceiling.

  • Cracks appearing on interior walls.

  • Conspicuous creaking noises.

Some other projects I did:

Besides the roofing project, I also hit upon some other home improvement projects. Here are some things I did, which you can try too:

  • Tidying the wires: Wires are unavoidable in any modern house, and mine was no exception. Hanging wires often make an ugly scene. To solve this, I bought wire binders and assembled the wires neatly. Sometimes there are long cables that run from one room to another. I got clamps from the local hardware store and stuck them to the walls.

  • Painting woodworks: Timer doors and windows last long if they are protected by regular painting. I gave them a rubbing down with fine sandpaper. You can use wire wool in place of sandpaper. Then I applied a fresh coat of oil- based gloss.

  • Removing ivy and climbing plants: As the roots of the ivy expand, they push the bricks of your house apart. In addition, the build up of fallen leaves around the base of walls hold moisture that in turn promotes insect life and wood rot. So it’s important that you keep all vegetation at safe distance from the house.

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