Bathroom Cleaning Tips

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by Eva Martinez
(Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA)

One of the worst jobs imaginable within your home is cleaning the bathroom. It’s dirty, it takes forever and let’s be honest; it is hardly the most hygienic room in the whole house! Thankfully, we have come up with the top bathroom cleaning tips that should make your life a little easier!

Bathroom Cleaning Tips 1 – Get the Essentials!

One of the most important things that you can do and perhaps one of the most important of all bathroom cleaning tips is to make sure that you have all of your essential cleaning bits and pieces all neatly together so you can grab and run. You can usually buy plastic holders for all of your cleaning equipment and products and the easier they are to have to hand, the less time you will spend doing the job that you hate the most.

There are a few things that you cannot live without: rubber gloves, bucket, sponge, cloths, soft rags etc. Then there are a few things that you may not have thought about: newspaper (perfect for cleaning windows), vinegar (cleaning windows and mirrors) and an old toothbrush (perfect for cleaning the spaces between tiles and those really hard to reach areas!)

Bathroom Cleaning Tips 2 – Pre-treat!

To make life a little easier for you when it comes to cleaning the bathroom, make sure that you pre-treat. Not only will this mean that you have to waste less time with the scrubbing part of the cleaning but you can also do other household things while you are waiting.

Ideally, you should spray the cleaning stuff on the bath, toilet, sink etc. and then leave it for 20-30 minutes, (making sure that you read the label carefully first) and then go back to finish the job. This will usually start to work on the hard stuff and break it down so you can just wipe and run.

Bathroom Cleaning Tips 3 – Never Underestimate the Power of Vinegar!

Vinegar is such a powerful thing within the home that you should always make sure that you have buckets of the stuff! This liquid gives a smear free shine to windows and mirrors in the blink of an eye, gets to work on the hard to clean stuff that you hate scrubbing and although it doesn’t smell brilliantly, dissolves lime scale and other grime that you will often find in your bathroom.

For really nasty rings in the toilet, for example, you can empty the toilet, soak tissue paper or kitchen paper in vinegar and then leave on the rings for a couple of hours. When you return, you will usually find that the vinegar has dissolved most of the problem leaving you with only a minimal amount to wipe away.

Although cleaning your bathroom isn’t the job that you would like to be doing right now, it can be made a little easier with a few of the bathroom cleaning tips.

The internet is a wealth of information and with just a little bit of research, you will usually find that there are so many household things that you can use to make the nasty job that little bit easier!


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