Becoming a Great Team Player

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A Time Management Tips & Techniques Article

 Becoming a Great Team Player

Becoming a Great Team Player….there are so many skills that you need to master in your professional development if you want to have a very successful career path.

If you want to become a Manager or and Executive in your own business, you can not just wish or hope for the skills and abilities that good managers learn in their leadership training and professional development courses.

You already know that annoying your boss is a bad idea. Do you, however, know what it takes to drive them up the wall?

There are common habits that make the big honchos at work really mad, and you have to make sure that you don’t do them or else you could actually lessen your chances of getting a promotion.

Becoming a Great Team Player….one of the top pet peeves of the company’s chief is being unable to work as a team. Generally, some employees do tend to be too competitive. If you believe that you can do the job better alone sometimes indicates that you think that you’re also better than the rest.

Chieftains love employees who have team spirit. They make the top dog’s work simpler, get the job done, and set high standards for others to follow.

If you’re a lone ranger in the office, kick the habit by consciously and actively helping colleagues achieve success and reach goals.

You’ll foster good relationships this way, and your helpfulness and effort will travel to the big guns. Try not to miss any opportunity to get accolades for the group.

When you play an important role to bring your team commendation, you build reputation as someone who supports and develops other people. This is an uber critical quality to have in today’s team-oriented organizations.

Another thing that you can do to boost your easy-to-get-along reputation is to skip the use of the singular pronoun. When talking about success, a good team player will always emphasize the word we.

This simple word does a lot because it includes the other team members. Even when you feel as if you deserve full credit for such an achievement, others have also put in some of their effort.

You shouldn’t worry about not being acknowledged for your work, the top honchos know what is actually going on. Give them credit for knowing more than you think, and they will immediately give you extra points for your team spirit and humility.

Be generous when giving your congratulations as well. In the world of business, when you express your sincere compliments on the success of another, you’re immediately viewed as a wonderful team player. It’s nice to see someone who isn’t threatened by someone else’s achievements.

You must trust in your ability to perform just as well, and never try to copy what they did. A good way to get noticed is to be unique. How can you expect to stand out when your output is just like the rest?

Lastly, you also have to work on your conflict-resolution skills. No one likes an employee who is in a constant tiff with the others. It disruptswork and creates a lot of unpleasantness. If there is someone that rubs you the wrong way, try to solve your differences as maturely as possible.

This means that you must abstain from shouting or name-calling at all costs. And with every squabble, you boss doesn’t have to know about it. Fix things when you can and only as for the help of the higher-ups when things just get out of hand.

By adopting these commonsense steps in no time at all you can be well on the way to becoming a great team player!

Updated: November 7, 2013 — 3:16 pm

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