Benefits of Having a Bidet in your Home

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by Steph Staszko

Bidets are one of the lesser common bathroom appliances in UK and UShomes and are almost considered to be taboo. The concept of washing after every toilet use is quite unnerving for people who religiously use toilet paper!.

Although bidets originate from France, they are a standard bathroom feature in Argentina and Uruguay and have wide usage in Muslim countries. Not only do they improve hygiene of a person?s intimate areas they can also reduce the amount of trees fallen for toilet paper usage.

What is a Bidet?

Due to their lack of popularity in the UK, many people are uncertain of what bidets actually are. Bidets are used to clean a person’s rear and surrounding areas after using the toilet. Bidets are basically an alternative to toilet paper. They are more hygienic than toilet paper and less harsh on such delicate areas which are susceptible to irritation. They usually resemble a small toilet and have bidet taps or nozzles.

Benefits of a Bidet:


Many people find that toilet paper can be harsh on their skin and can cause irritation; using water to clean one’s self is much easier on the skin and is a popular choice for hemorrhoids sufferers. Using a bidet can also prevent remaining residue which hasn’t been wiped from staining clothes and underwear. Bidets can also be quite convenient for a quick wash, as opposed to having a whole shower. Some people use bidets to wash their feet, due to them being of an ideal height.


Many people use excessive toilet paper when they frequent the bathroom. The amount of toilet roll used in Britain can really affect the environment. Trees are cut down annually to produce toilet paper and a very little amount of rolls are 100% recycled. Bidets can significantly reduce the amount of toilet paper a person uses. Although toilet roll is usually still purchased, a bidet will reduce the amount that a person uses to wipe themselves.

Toilet paper is also one of the major causes of a blocked toilet and sewer problems. People tend to use bundles of unnecessary toilet roll which can block their own toilets in addition to causing major sewer problems. Bidets mean that little or no toilet paper will be flushed down the toilet, decreasing the likelihood of drain problems in a person?s home or area.


Bidets can help to improve or prevent medical conditions caused by spreading bacteria. When a person wipes, they can often spread faecal matter to other parts of their body, causing infections. Bidets can help to reduce common problems such as hemorrhoids, urinary tract infections and other common bacterial infections.

People with disabilities and reduced mobility may find that a bidet helps to improve their independence. Bidets are easy to use and will require minimal assistance for some less mobile people. They are particularly helpful for senior citizens who require home assistance or are in a residential home. It helps them to practice good hygiene whilst increasing their independence.

Bidets can be a great accessory for the modern home and now there are a range of different designs ranging from traditional to modern. Although they are not the most common bathroom suite feature in Britain and the US, more people are using them and realizing their benefits.

Updated: May 21, 2013 — 6:20 am

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