Canine Diabetes Symptoms

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by William Geldart
(Detroit, USA)

Our dogs are an important part of our family and we never want to suspect that they may be suffering from something like caninediabetes.

The symptoms of canine diabetes are not always easy to notice and unfortunately can become quite advanced before we as dog owners notice that something just isn’t right with our favorite pet. These are a few things that you need to keep an eye out for in order to determine if you need to have your veterinarian test your pet for canine diabetes.

Most of the symptoms you need to be on the lookout for are the same symptoms that you would look for in a person, they are just more difficult to spot in your dog. The first warning sign of caninediabetes is an abnormal thirst. Has your dog suddenly started drinking more water than usual?

While it is normal for your pet to be thirsty in the middle of a hot summer day or after getting a good bit of exercise out in the yard or down at the park, a dog should not be drinking water continuously throughout the day for a long period of time. Excessive thirst can be a sign of many other diseases as well as canine diabetes, so if that water bowl is always empty your pet needs to be checked by a veterinarian.

All that extra water your dog is drinking has to go somewhere right? The second symptom of canine diabetes is excessive urination. It is easy for many people to not notice the slowly increasing amount of water that their pet is consuming, but it is almost impossible not to notice all those extra trips you have to take outside so they can relieve themselves. Didn’t I just take him for a walk?.

When your dog jumps up into your lap and gives you a big kiss, what does his breath smell like? Hopefully it has that typical “dog breath” smell that only a dog lover can appreciate. Canine diabetes results in your dog’s blood sugar rising to dangerous levels and can give the breath a sweet smell that is a typical warning sign.

If your dog starts to lose weight rapidly, is always tired, or seems to be suffering from bouts of weakness then it could be a sign of caninediabetes and your veterinarian should examine your pet as soon as possible.

If you find your pet shivering, and it isn’t cold outside, it could be a sign of very low blood sugar and could be life threatening. If your dog shows any of these signs take him to your veterinarian right away, you will both feel better.

Updated: February 23, 2014 — 4:17 pm

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