Tips for Ceramic Floor Tile

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If you are considering installing ceramic floor tile, you first want to ask if ceramic tiling is suitable for your space. Ceramic tile is durable and easy to clean but it isn’t the best option in some spaces.

In winter, ceramic tiles hold the cold, so you might not want to use them in a basement. Certain types of tile can be slippery, so you if you are considering tile for an entryway, select a slip-resistant variety.

Select the Right Size, Style, and Texture

Ceramic floor tiles come in many shapes and sizes, anywhere from one inch to two feet. The most common size floor tiles are between one and one and a half feet in size. To choose the right size, look at the size of your room and then choose a size that suits it. For example, if you have smaller room, a large tile would not be the best option because it would look like panels rather than tiles. Large tiles are best suited to larger spaces because they look less busy than smaller tiles look.

You can choose from many styles of ceramic floor tiles. The easiest way to narrow your options is to decide on the look you are going for. It you want a rustic natural look, than you might want to consider a rugged, natural looking tile instead of a polished marble.

Choose a tile with the texture that will best suit your room’s theme. When choosing a texture, you do need to take safety into consideration. Smooth surfaces are more likely to be slippery when wet. If you have children or elderly people in your home, then a high-gloss tile is not the best option from a safety standpoint.

Choose an Appropriate Grout Color and Width

Grout is a cement mix with added color to compliment your tile. Grout fills the space between tiles, so you need to choose a grout width and a color that works in your space. Grouting tips for installing a ceramic tile floor.

Installation Materials and Methods

Successful installation of ceramic floor tile will depend on the materials used and the energy and patience put into the project. Make sure that you do the proper preparation and have all the materials you need at hand. Make sure that you purchase a high-quality bonding material, grout, sealer, and the right tools to get the project done.

Laying tile can be tricky. You need to make sure that your cuts are correct and that the space around each tile is even. If you feel overwhelmed by the prospect of installing it yourself, then you might want to look at contracting a professional.


Ceramic tile is one the easiest types of floors to clean. If you take care of tile, it will maintain it’s shiny, new appearance for years. To clean tile, all you need is water and any household cleaner. Start by removing dirt and dust with a broom or vacuum, and then use a sponge or mop to apply the mixture of water and cleaner to your tiles. It’s as simple as that!

You do need to be cautious about dropping heavy objects on ceramic floor tile. If tiles split, crack, or chip, it is impossible to replace just one tile. You’ll probably have to live with any cracks or chips until you’re ready to re-do the entire floor.

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