Compost & Your DIY Landscape

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by Bob Bridgen
(Woodbridge, Suffolk, UK)

The trend in DIY landscaping for the past few years has been to use as many natural products as possible. Pesticides and other chemicals are becoming less and less popular because of the many differentside effects that they might contain, in addition to the helpful things that they do. A good alternative is to use compost, which is made up of natural materials.

You can collect & make your own compost through the year, and use it in your landscaping. You can collect leaves, grass clippings, and even animal waste from your yard, and use it to fertilize your lawn or garden in the spring. All of these materials contain nutrients that are broken down and left in the soil, and they are completely natural and organic, so they will not harm your landscaping in any way.

Another option is to get a wood chipper and feed all of your sticks and branches into it. You will have many wood chips, and you will be using the branches that have come from your own yard. Besides being compost material, and therefore good for the environment, wood chips are also nice looking, and you can use them in your actual landscaping.

You can put them under trees or next to the house, and you can use them in places where it is difficult to get grass to grow. Any of these options helps you to create a nice looking landscaped area, without a lot of hassle.

You can also purchase compost materials if you don’t create them yourself. You can get wood chips and other materials that have been recycled to use in your landscaping, and you can also get compostmaterials to use in your fertilizing.

All of these materials are good to use because you don’t need to use chemicals and you are helping the environment by recycling things that would otherwise be thrown away.

Besides for acting as fertilizer, compost materials also keep pests and other animals away from areas. Wood chips help to get rid of insects, so they might be good to use in a garden to keep bugs away from your plants without the use of chemicals.

Compost is a great thing to use in landscaping, and should be used wherever possible in your own landscaping projects. Never underestimate the power of things that you would otherwise have simply thrown away. It is great for the environment, and great for your landscape.

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Updated: June 18, 2013 — 4:07 pm

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