Controlling Your Dog’s Flea Problem

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by Gilly Brewster
(Los Angeles, California, USA)

It is going to happen to every dog sooner or later. No matter how much care you take and no matter how careful you are about preventing it, your family dog somehow gets fleas!.

It isn’t your fault. It has nothing to do with how clean you keep your house. But they have arrived and you need to get rid of them.

Controlling your dog’s flea problem requires a systematic approach. You need to understand that it is your job to protect your dog, that there are many different medications to choose from for your dog, that most of the fleas are not on your dog, and you need to know when you need to seek professional help.

Your dog’s health and welfare is your responsibility. Fleas bite your dog’s skin and suck on the blood causing your dog discomfort and opening up wounds that could get infected. Fleas may also carry diseases that can make your dog sick and could be fatal. Your first priority is to get rid of the fleas on your dog and do something to prevent them from re-infesting him.

Many medications are available to not only kill the fleas on your dog, but also kill the eggs to break the life cycle of the fleas. Other medications are available to prevent the fleas from coming back. Some of the newer medications are capable of accomplishing all of this with just one application.

It is best to start with a quality flea shampoo and give your dog a long bath. After your dog is dry you have several options to prevent the fleas from coming back including flea collars, flea powders, and the newer medications that you apply to a spot on the dog’s back once a month.

After the fleas have been eliminated from your dog, there is something very important that you need to realize. Most of the fleas were not on your dog. They are in your house and in your yard. After the fleas bite your dog and suck out their fill of blood, they jump off to find a place to lay their eggs. They are certainly in the dog’s bedding, anywhere else the dog may sleep, possibly in your furniture if your dog has gotten on it, and almost surely they are in your carpeting.

To eliminate the problem you must make sure that you eliminate all of the fleas. A good flea powder and a vacuum cleaner with a high quality filter will be your best bet for most of the areas inside your house. And don’t forget about your yard. Several different products are available that you can spread around your yard on a yearly basis to kill fleas.

Sometimes, despite all of your best efforts, you just can’t get rid of all of the fleas. If you have tried several times but the fleas are still there it is probably time for you to call in the professional help of an exterminator. They are experienced with these kinds of problems and can not only get rid of the fleas but show you other ways to stop them from getting back into your home.

Controlling your dog’s flea problem isn’t something that anyone looks forward to but is sometimes a necessity. It is your responsibility as a pet owner to take care of your dog, using any of the many medications available to kill off the infestation and protect your dog.

Remember most of the fleas have jumped ship and are living in yourhome, and if you need help getting rid of them don’t be afraid to call in a professional!

Updated: September 6, 2016 — 3:04 am

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