Dangerous DIY: Handywork You Should Never Attempt Yourself

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Dangerous DIY: handywork you should never attempt yourself….DIY is becoming increasingly popular with homeowners these days – with help and advice only a Google search away, you can do most repair and improvement jobs around the house by yourself.

However, not all tasks can be done by an amateur – some dangerous DIY is far from straightforward.

Whether it’s work that’s incredibly time-consuming, or dangerous DIY that’s just straight up hazardous, here are some guidelines for what you should really hire a maintenance professional for.

The Difficult: Floor Sanding

Not only is floor sanding a difficult, time-consuming task, but amateur work is easily distinguishable from a professional touch and can lower the value of your property.

What’s more, it’s bound to drive you crazy knowing parts are uneven and not finished properly, so you may have to re-do it in time anyway.

Therefore, it’s best to save time and effort, and ultimately money, by getting a professional sander in who is experienced in this niche of DIY home renovation.

The Difficult: Dishwasher Installation

Another difficult task is the installation of an appliance like a dishwasher. It might seem simple – just move it into a space and plug it in, right?

Well it takes a lot more work than that – for starters, you’ll have to drill gaps in the back of cabinets for the water and electric lines, then connect them up correctly.

It is possible to do by yourself, but for the amount of time and effort it requires, you’d be better off hiring a professional to complete the works.

The Expensive: Plumbing

How much trouble can a leaky pipe cause? Lots, it turns out! However, you can cause even more trouble by trying to fix the problem yourself.

Plumbing isn’t for the faint of heart – sure, the fix might be okay for a while, but without a professional’s keen eye, you may have done more damage than good.

Water damage can be very expensive to repair as it can be extensive and cause a myriad of other problems such as mold and damp, which can cost way more money than just hiring a plumber.

The Expensive: Roof Work

Similar to plumbing, this can also end badly if not done professionally.

Roof repairs are tricky as you have to make sure you repair the damaged section without damaging the surrounding shingles and materials, not to mention the tricky task of replacing damaged areas with similar materials to match

Roofs are made specially so they don’t let water in, so any repairs that aren’t done properly are only going to end in a very wet house.

Leaks, mold and an unsightly patch on your roof can all come as part of DIY roof work, so it’s best to have a professional come in to do it instead.

The Dangerous: Electrical Work

A particularly risky DIY job is one that involves electricity.

Simple tasks such as changing a lightbulb or changing a fuse in a plug are not usually a hazard, but bigger jobs like rewiring a whole room are much better left to a professional electrician.

Electrical elements can be very dangerous, with electrocution and electrical fires being just a snipped cable away, so next time you want to save money by doing some electrical DIY home renovation – call an electrician instead.

The Dangerous: Removing Walls

Arguably one of the most dangerous DIY work you can undertake yourself, removing walls and general building work inside your home is not something you should undertake yourself unless really confident.

You should get a contractor to check if a wall is safe to take down, however, as some walls are load-bearing, meaning that they support the house.

Take one of these walls down and you face a ceiling collapse or worse, meaning a very large bill to fix, not to mention the risk of injury.

In summary:

Some DIY home renovation is easily done, meaning you can save yourself a bit of money and savour a small sense of self-accomplishment.

However, for tough jobs, tricky jobs and dangerous jobs, it’s a much safer bet (and often cheaper) to hire a professional to do the work – you’ll be better off in the long run.

Updated: December 23, 2019 — 8:56 am

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