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DIY Coupons

DIY coupons are the very best way to help your monthly housekeeping go further and are the perfect foil for the current gloomy financial outlook, so whether you have lost your job, are faced with additional costs through “austerity measures” or you just plain don’t want to spend anything more than you have to DIY coupons are made for you!

DIY Coupons – Best Places To Find Coupons

Coupons are created by manufacturers and stores and then given to the public for free in order for them to redeem when they make a purchase. In every case, hold no value and are not to be sold or traded, but because they can basically be used as currency at the register, it is becoming harder and harder to find them.

There are still several places to find coupons, some better than others, and it always pays off to keep your eyes open to the most common places. Here are some of the best places to find coupons, free of charge, that you can use to save a significant amount of money on your shopping bill.

DIY Coupons – Traditional, Newspaper Source

Technically you do have to pay for the newspaper in order to get the coupons that are added to the Sunday edition every week. This is the most traditional source of coupons and the greatest and most frequent source. The best thing about this source of coupons is that they are the first stop for companies that want to advertise, and have the greatest variety.

Most couponers find that the Sunday paper is the only source that they need and sufficient to cover their needs. If you do not want to purchase a Sunday paper of your own, ask neighbors and friends for the coupons from their paper, or contact your public library to ask if the coupons from their subscriptions are being used.

DIY Coupons – Online Coupon Networks

There are several very large online coupon networks that provide coupons to the public in much the same that they are gathered in the Sunday paper. Because more shoppers have been heading online to learn how to save money and budget, online coupon websites such as Coupons.com have had a lot of success working with manufacturers and stores.

In some cases, the same companies that provide paper coupons in the Sunday paper, also offer online versions of the same coupon, making it possible to obtain twice as many of the same coupon. Additionally there is also the considerable benefit that you receive printable coupons which save all the hassle of cutting up your Sunday newspaper!.

DIY Coupons – Contact Companies Directly

By directly contacting your favorite companies it is possible to gain coupons for your favorite products in the mail. Most companies have a customer service line where you can leave your name and information regarding any of the products they create and in return they will mail you some coupons. Check company websites for telephone or email contact information.

DIY Coupons – Social Networking Sites

Social networking sites have quickly become a playground for brands to use to build customer loyalty and advertising. In addition to the benefits to the company, they have also begun making coupons for products available to those individuals that create accounts and follow them.

In most cases, you must make the choice to “Like” a brand in order to gain access to these coupons on popular sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Setting up an account on either site does not cost you any money, nor does it cost any money to follow or print the coupons offered….it is so easy to save with coupons go on, give it a try today!, if you like it which I am sure you will you should splash out on a coupon organizer wallet to keep all those lovely coupons in.

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