DIY Floor Heat Systems – Which Is The Best Option?

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by Casey Brown
(Miami Beach, Florida, US)

When we talk of floor heat systems, one can think of two possible options that you can have. The two things that you can have available to you is to use radiant floor heating and wall radiator systems.

A radiant floor heating system works by having a system of pipelines under your floor and letting hot eater run through it. The hot water that runs through these pipelines will then heat your floors thus warming your house.

On the other hand, you can also use wall radiator based heating systems. This type of heating system uses radiators that try and heat the air around you.

The two systems uses two different approaches in the way that they warm your room and your choice will depend on your preference. Here is a look at how different the two things are.

The amount of space that is needed

The main difference between the radiant floor heating and wall radiator systems is that the radiant floor heating systems does not need a big amount of space for you to install them.

This as opposed to the wall radiator heating system where in you needs an adequate amount of space. The reason being is that inradiant floor heating, your pipelines are installed underneath yourfloors.

This means that there is no space required to be cleared. On the other hand, wall based radiator heating systems need an ample space in your walls for you to place them.

Energy efficiency should also be considered
When people talk about cost, people think about the amount of money that you need to install such a heating system.

What gets lost in translation is that there are other costs that should be done in order to you need to consider. The efficiency of how your heating system processes heat should be always on your mind.

Remember, when you get a radiant heating system, the heat is evenly dispatched throughout the room. Unlike when you use wall radiator systems in which there are cold spots in different areas.

Heat control

Another thing that you need to have is control. There are a lot of things that you need to consider but one of the most important things that you need is to control the amount of heat in the room.

Using radiant heat flooring allows you to have the best control out of all the heating systems – so no matter how hot or how cold you want your room to be, you can control it at ease.

Plus, you no longer need to worry about getting burnt by accidentally touching the pipes. This often happens when you use wall based radiator heating systems but because the radiant heat floors have pipelines that are underneath your floor, this will never happen.

Remember that you have choices when you decide about which floor heat systems to use in your room. However, if you look at the instances above, you will see that the best choice that you can have is to use radiant floor heaters.

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Updated: January 29, 2014 — 4:21 am

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