DIY Frugal Living – Save Big Bucks With a Snack Box

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by Harry Webb
(Georgia, Atlanta, USA)

Fast food is a quick and convenient solution for hungry people on the go. With the simple swipe of a credit card, you can curb your cravings and satisfy your stomach from the comfort of your car. “It doesn’t cost much to eat here,” you might tell yourself. “‘A burger is cheap. Soda is a buck. And that dollar menu… what a bargain!”

Overtime, however, the money you spend on “bargain” fast food items can add up to a significant chunk of change. One $5 indulgence per week translates to $20 per month; $20 per month translates to $240 per year. And, let’s face it, many folks visit the drive-through more often than that. Spend $10 per week on burgers and fries, and in one year’s time you will have fed the fast food industry over half a thousand dollars!

Get What You Need at a Lower Price

When you open your wallet at a drive-through window, you’re paying for more than just meat and potatoes You’re paying for the convenience and instant gratification that restaurant provides But there’s a cheaper way to get your food and eat it, too.

The Car Snack Box

Visit your local grocery store and stock up on an assortment of store-bought goodies that will satisfy your highway cravings. Pack the items in a shoe box, plastic bin, or cooler and keep them in your car. Whenever you have the urge to swerve into a drive-through, reach into your car snack box instead and save yourself some green.

What to Pack

Small baggies of potato chips, popcorn, or other snack-aisle treats are a salty alternative to overpriced French fries.

Cans of cola, purchased in a multi-pack and chilled in your cooler, willrefresh you for far less than a fast food fountain drink. Iced tea, brewed at home and poured into a reusable travel mug, is even cheaper.

Protein-packed snacks like nuts and string cheese are an inexpensivealternative to costly roadside sandwiches.

Store-bought cookies, donuts, or other desserts can be bagged and packed for the occasional sugar craving.

People spend a lot of time in their cars. The fast food industry cashes in on this by tantalizing you, the consumer, with swiftly-served, pricey snacks and “combo” meals

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