DIY Frugal Living

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Enjoy A Frugal Lifestyle Without Losing The Fun!

DIY Frugal Living

DIY frugal living does not mean that you have to face a life of constant cost cutting, it is more an awareness of what we waste within our daily lives & minimizing that waste….and hey what’s wrong with doing something that is both fun and saves you your hard earned $$$$!.

DIY Frugal Living – Saving Money Money A Little At A Time Can Soon Add Up
DIY frugal living is all about small sacrifices which when added all together really can start to add up. But conversely so can the odd expense, especially if it’s a daily one. Buy a latte from Starbucks every day and your weekly cash will soon disappear. The same goes if you buy a snack every day. These may seem small expenses but over time they can become one big hole in your budget. Similarly, using a TV & Film streaming website instead of hiring videos or going to the movies will also show handsome savings. Cutting back on these sorts of items is a small sacrifice you need to make if you want to save money.

If you have to buy a coffee in the morning, stick to a small, simple coffee instead of the specialty kind. Skip buying snacks and take your own into work with you: fruit, nuts, trail mix. There area number of snacks that will work out a lot cheaper if bought at the grocery store rather than individually in a coffee shop or similar (and an added bonus is that these “home-made” snacks will almost certainly be healthier).

Saying no to snacks doesn’t mean that you have to forego a coffee break. If your colleagues are making a trip to the local coffee shop as part of their afternoon break, then go along but explain that you’re cutting back on your caffeine consumption. Or make the small sacrifice of foregoing your morning coffee and having it at break-time later in the day.

DIY Frugal Living Tips For Lunchtimes:

If you can get out at lunchtime, then do so. Going for a walk will stop you spending money (provided it’s not a walk to your favorite clothing store!). Get together with a friend and spend the lunch hour walking and talking. It’s cheap and good for you.

As for what you eat at lunchtime, take your own lunch into work. If you buy lunch, whether it’s at your employer’s restaurant or in your local cafe, then not only are you paying an inflated cost for a meal, but there’s the temptation to eat more than you really need, and therefore over-spend (and damage your healthy-eating diet!).

If you put your mind to it, it’s not that difficult to get through the workingday without spending anything at all. Look on it as a challenge. Where can you read the day’s news for free? Your office may have a daily newspaper you can read at lunchtime; or pick up a copy of any free paper that’s given out on your way into work.

DIY Frugal Living Tips – Avoid The Grocery Store!

Try to avoid popping into the grocery store on the way home from work. Buying provisions on a daily basis is a sure-fire way to over-spend. Do as much of your grocery shopping as you can on the preceding weekend. Pre-plan your daily meals and buy accordingly.

And once you get to the end of the week without having spent anything or having not spent beyond your weekly budget, treat yourself for having done so well. However, keep your treat spend in perspective. Look on this as another challenge: Set yourself a budget of $10 and stay within it.

It’s easy to treat yourself when there’s no limit to how much you can spend, but it’s a different matter when it’s a small sum. For the sum of $10 you could buy yourself a packet of specialty tea, or a gourmet cupcake, or a bunch of flowers This will act as a reward for your hard budgeting work, but is also in keeping with your newly adopted spending policy.

Keep this approach up for a number of weeks and it’ll become a DIY frugal living habit, one that’s hard to break and one you’ll be only too pleased to keep!.

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