DIY Home Cleaning – Carpet Cleaning Tips

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by Babs ‘O’ Reilly
(Miami Beach, Florida, USA)

Sometimes it doesn’t matter how many different products, pieces of equipment or scrubbing hours you spend trying to get your carpet as clean as it was when you bought it, it never really seems to happen!.

There are still stains that have faded but are still there and there are still areas where people walk that still don’t seem to be as bright as the areas that have not been touched. It can be a very frustrating process but one that we hopefully can make easier for you with the help of these proven carpet cleaning tips!.

Carpet Cleaning Tips 1 – The Secrets You Should Know!

You know those secrets or carpet cleaning tips that your friends and family members seem to know that you don’t? Well, we are going to let you in on those secrets. You will soon have a glowing carpet just like your next door neighbor and you can pretty much guarantee that she used one of these carpet cleaning tips to help!

Firstly – heat helps. Have you ever washed anything with cold water? The effect just isn’t the same as using hot water and this is where steam cleaning comes into play which actually can often clean your carpets much better than you may have thought! Sometimes that expensive carpet cleaning equipment is worth it!.

Secondly – There is a method – heat, soak, agitate. Heat the stain with hot water and whatever cleaning product you have decided to use, let it soak in and work its magic and then use whatever implement of choice to scrub and agitate until the stain has been removed.

Carpet Cleaning Tips 2 – Regular Cleaning

The more you vacuum your carpet or rug, the less dirt that will be buried within it and the easier it will be to keep it clean. You don’t have to throw the vacuum cleaner around every day of course but every couple of days certainly helps or even when you spot a piece of fluff or just have a spare five minutes. This is especially important in the high-traffic areas.

Carpet Cleaning Tips 3 – Avoid Too Much Liquid

It doesn’t matter whether you are scrubbing to get rid of a stain or just giving your carpet the quick once over before the family comes to stay – too much water or cleaning solution is the enemy! Certain carpets will actually lose fibers if you use too much liquid because it will lose adhesion and not only that but it can shrink. This is not a good look!.

There are so many hints and carpet cleaning tips that you will be given over the years but among the most important is just to use a little bit of common sense. If something doesn’t feel quite right, don’t do it.

After all, replacing a carpet is not only hard work but also very expensive! The top three tips are all proven to help you keep your carpet looking as good as new for years to come.

Updated: November 9, 2012 — 2:05 am

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