DIY Radiant Floors – The Advantages

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by Harvey Bond
(Chicago, USA)

Radiant floors work through the use of a series of pipes coiled in under your floor. Water is then forced in these pipes and when heated, the water will make the floors of your house become warm.

This is a popular option that you can avail of during the winter or if a person with poor circulation in their feet is living in your house. Imagine how good your grandfather or grandmother will feel when they wake up to a warm floor.

Many parents also use this type of heating because it will make the floors warm enough so that babies can crawl in them with out any problems. Not only that, they can also let their toddlers walk around the house without any worries.

And although radiant heating is only one of the process in which you can have heated floors, here are some of the advantages that it has over other heating methods.

It does not matter how big of an area it covers.

A common question being asked in stores is what is the difference of using radiant heating materials as to radiator based heating processes. First things first, both radiant heating and radiator based heating use steam as the way to heat your specific room.

However, you may notice that when you use radiator mounted heating methods, there are cold spots in the room depending on how far it is from the heater. This is not the case when you use radiant heating. The room will be evenly heated and because the pipelines go throughout the room, you can be assured of an evenly heated room.

You can control heat

When you use radiators, you cannot control how hot they will become, in fact, when you touch the radiator, you will most likely to be burned since you do not have control over how hot they will become.

This is not the case in radiant heating. You can control how hot or cold your floor will be. Also, since the pipes are under the flooring, you are in no danger of burning yourself.

Space requirements are easy

When you radiant heat, you need not worry about the amount of space that you need in order for you to install them. The space can be small and it can be a big room.

No matter how big or small it is, it is no problem. This is because there are a lot of things with radiant heated floors. They are under the flooring so it does not necessarily take up space.

They are cheaper
wall mounted radiators are not only bulkier but they are also more expensive than radiant heated floors.

Not only that, but since the radiant heaters can distribute the heat evenly in the room, it is also more energy efficient.

These are just some of the advantages of radiant floors. Once you get them and install these heating materials, you can see and feel these advantages.

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Updated: August 24, 2013 — 11:55 am

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