DIY Tips Caring For A Working Dog

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by Bob Musgrave
(Oxford, UK)

You know that expression “working like a dog”? It infers that dogs work really, really hard. And it’s true. If a dog has a job to do, he will perform it to the best of his ability, without wondering when he’s going to get a coffee break.

Dogs have had jobs since dogs were first domesticated. They’ve been used in the past as pack animals to carry goods and also during war as suicide bombers.

Thankfully their jobs are different now but they’re still dedicated, focused workers and have refined sight, smell, and hearing abilities. Some jobs are better suited to different personalities and traits so it will depend on the dog.

Therapy Dogs:
Used particularly in nursing homes, interacting with friendly dogs can help ward off depression. They can also help assist the healing process in hospitals.

People who reach out for the dogs benefit from the close loving interaction with the animal. On a smaller scale but no less important, your friendly dog can cheer up the elderly lady next door or the child recovering from chicken pox up the street.

Special Assistance:
These special dogs act as arms and legs for quadriplegics, ears for the deaf, eyes for the blind, early warning systems for diabetics, and alarm sounders for people who are having seizures.

These dogs are highly trained, but if you have a smart puppy with that special something, consider offering her up for training.

Commercials, TV Shows & Magazine Ads:
Your dog may be star material! These dogs have the look, it’s true, but they also have to be well trained and able to follow commands.

Some dog breeds have that natural herding instinct and they’re a shoe-in for this job. High energy is certainly a requirement, plus maybe a certain amount of bossiness.

Drug Detection:
Another noble dog job serving our country at airports, bus stations, the borders, and even high schools. This job really puts the dog’s sensitive nose to work. Dogs are also put to work sniffing out other things such as truffles.

Search & Rescue:
This job may be one you can do with your dog. You both can be trained in search and rescue and work together. Again, dogs can locate missing people with their extraordinary canine nose.

There are many jobs that dogs can do and do well. It’s ironic that with a little training from humans, they can do a job that humans are not able to do.

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Updated: November 29, 2013 — 3:43 pm

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