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Because a dog is a part of so many homes, the following articles offer both basic dog care tips & home remedies for dogs.

The first tip is to be a responsible dog owner. Responsible dog ownership begins BEFORE you get your dog:

    • Discuss with your family who will be responsible for caring for your dog. Remember that puppies require a lot of time and training.
    • Talk with a veterinarian about the costs of healthcare, such as regular healthy pet checkups and necessary vaccinations, for the type of dog that you want. Get tips on choosing the right veterinarian.
  • Make the commitment that you will care for your dog for his lifetime. Make sure owning a dog is right for you. And if considering a guard dog, make sure that’s the right decision.

Lots more dog care tips articles for you to enjoy……

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If you have additional tips or advice that we might have missed, please do share them with us…..simply add your info into the box below, we would love to hear from you!.

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