Dog Grooming Tips

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If you want to groom your dog, these dog grooming tips will get you started.

Start by brushing or combing your dog’s coat.

Long-haired dogs: Brush and comb them two or three times a week.

Dogs with thick undercoats: Comb out the dead hair weekly to accelerate the shedding process and avoid hairy carpets and furniture.

Dogs with shorter hair: Brush and rub down frequently to keep their coats and skin healthy.

Just like any project, proper grooming requires both technique and tools of the trade:

    • Use a fine-toothed comb to rake fleas from the coat and for grooming soft, silky coated dogs.
    • The shedding comb offers a “skip-tooth” design; its long teeth pull dead hair from the undercoat while the short teeth collect loose hair. It’s also an excellent tool for removing matted hair.
  • The undercoat rake is especially designed for breeds with thick, heavy coats and undercoats. The teeth are thick, allowing the rake to attack the undercoat while being pulled gently through the dog’s hair.


Bathing Your Dog

Although bathing is essential in keeping your dog’s coat fresh and presentable, don’t overdo it. Most veterinarians suggest bathing a dog no more than once a month. Too much bathing can dry a dog’s skin and cause hot spots and itching, which can lead to scratching and infection.

If you bathe your dog more than once a month, use an aloe-based shampoo and conditioner, and give your dog foods and supplements with Omega fatty acids to bolster the production of coat oils.

Daily Examinations

Daily examinations, though a little demanding and time consuming, are a valuable tool in maintaining a dog’s appearance and good health. Check yourdog for cuts, rashes, fleas, ticks, bumps, burrs, and other hitchhikers that might attach to the dog’s coat. Remove foreign objects and apply antibiotics or appropriate medications as necessary. Flea allergies and contact allergies can cause skin eruptions and need to be treated immediately.

Diet is Important

An often overlooked dog grooming tip is that good skin and a healthy coat begin with a good diet. If a dog’s coat is dull or its skin appears itchy, sometimes a change in diet is necessary. However, often vitamin or fatty acid supplements will eliminate the problem.

Let a Professional Do It

Professional groomers are readily available. In addition to bathing the dog and combing and thinning the dog’s undercoat, groomers clean the ears and clip the dog’s nails. Nails should be clipped weekly, and often this chore is one that neither the dog nor the owner handles well. You might consider a mobile grooming service, who will come to your home in a van or RV fully equipped for grooming, and complete the full bathing and grooming process in your driveway.

Get more dog grooming tips with Dog Grooming For Dummies

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