Frugal Ideas Suitable for Decorating Every Room

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by Scarlett Lovitt
(Houston, Texas, USA)

Beautiful geometric rugs........ideal for walls as well as floors!

Beautiful geometric rugs……..ideal for walls as well as floors!

Human beings have an innate urge to create. From the primitive paintings on cave walls to the Mona Lisa, humans just have to “make art.” For many people, their art is home decor, one of the most individual expressions of the human spirit.

Unfortunately, many people who have imaginative ideas for home decor are hampered by budgets that can keep them from creating impressive styles. The key to this dilemma is to apply the same sense of creativity to pricing and purchasing home decor materials as a decorator applies to the style itself.

For instance, swag panels often hang from fancy fixtures in upscalehomes, but the look can be had for much less. To create this lush look in a living room, simply buy two of the most elaborate doorknockers you can afford and install them on each side of a window at the top. Then select a quality fabric in a bold color or attractive print from the local fabric store or sewing center. Hem the ends if necessary. Now insert the fabric from front to back of one doorknocker, drape is across the top of the window, and insert it from front to back of the other doorknocker. Instant style!

The same technique can be used to create an inexpensive canopy bed in the bedroom. Purchase two curtain rods, preferably those with attractive ends. Install one at the head of the bed, one at the foot of the bed and drape a length of fabric between them. The fabric should be at least twice the length of the bed. Choose any fabric you want as long as the rods are strong enough to hold it without coming loose. Instant canopy!

Need something new to update the walls of the den or family room? Why not hang some beautiful area rugs on the walls for something different? Shaped rugs, floral rugs, geometric rugs, anything that catches your eye can work on a wall as well as a floor. Plus, rugs on the walls give the room more texture and interest.

Another technique will work to create the look of custom bookcases. Buy inexpensive open bookcases. Paint the wall behind them the same color as the bookcases (this often works best when the bookcases are black or white). Set the bookcases flush against the walls.

Customize your “built-in” bookcases even more by attaching thin, light molding to the front of the shelves with double-sided tape. Not a nail will be needed.

Here’s a way to add color and style to a child’s bedroom. Look for posters at thrift shops and yard sales. After you’ve collected enough, iron them flat by pressing them through a cotton dish towel. Next, attach them to the bottom of the walls around the child’s room using wallpaper paste.

Cover them with a coat of sealer to finish the look and protect them from rips and tears. Finally, cover the tops of the posters with thin strips of molding that have been painted in an accent color to match the child’s room. This hides any uneven edges and creates inexpensive wainscoting for the child’s room.

Decor doesn’t have to cost a lot to look lush. Use your imagination with items from neighborhood secondhand stores and thrift shops. Before you know it, your guests will be asking for the name of your interior decorator!

Updated: February 10, 2016 — 4:09 am

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