1. Check out my new video

  2. Loving your videos! Great ideas & explained well. Keep ’em coming!

  3. Thanks for the comment. I will try my best to get out new videos often.

  4. Nice tip, could produce many more pounds of fruit per garden.

  5. Thanks for the comment, I can wait for harvest.

  6. Thanks for the comment. I guess I can’t win them all.

  7. Good tip

  8. anytime

  9. good idea

  10. Inyeresting technique. Maybe I’m imagining things, but I’ve found I get
    larger fruit if I cross pollinate the tomato plants.

  11. BeardensFamilyVlog

    Love the technique. Worked great for me to gather pollen to cross pollinate
    with another plant. How did the self watering bucket work?

  12. Robert, Great video. How did your plants yield? Do you have any information
    on production for the container garden tomatoes?

  13. Thanks for giving us your update of the self watering bucket, looks like
    its doing very well. And pollinating,,, I would of never thought to do
    that. I was wondering have you ever done this water bucket with more then
    one plant? Im wondering how to plant tomatoes, potatoes, strawberries and
    such all in one.

  14. Brilliant. Straight to the point. Thanks!

  15. thanks brother

  16. lol Robert! I do not have the patience for the toothbrush pollination
    method… actually I just learned about a gentle tapping method this
    year… your plants look great by the way…

  17. All I do is plant a couple sunflowers nearby and let the bees do all the
    work. Nothing works like bees!

  18. Thanks for the info I want to try to assist pollination this year, for the
    first time. and this method seems fool proof..

  19. Not that serious

  20. I use head electric shaver , it works perfect

  21. I am in sunny SW Florida. Trying to keep vegetable plants healthy while
    completely exposed to the insanely active insect population is nearly
    impossible without some really heavy-duty chemical intervention. This year,
    I am growing them inside my screened-in lanai in self-watering containers.
    Unfortunately, this means the bees cannot get to them either. The electric
    toothbrush pollination method looks so easy and effective. I am trying it
    now hoping it works as advertised. Thanks for the video!

  22. UPDATE: After a week or two of molesting my tomato plants (and eggplants
    and pepper plants as well) daily with the electric toothbrush, I have
    started to see DOZENS of new fruit buds developing on all of my plants! 😀
    I’m just afraid I may have over-did it now ;-\. I cannot believe how simple
    and effective this method is! Thanks again!

  23. Thank you. Very helpful.

  24. AScrappinIdeadotcom

    I usually just spank my tomatoes and peppers. But the flowers are dying and
    I am loosing a lot of possible fruit. Do you know anything to stop this
    from happening? My peppers are really bad. I have tons of flowers and than
    I find them dead or they have fallen off. Thanks for your video… Got to
    get a toothbrush now. Kris

  25. You’re right, but this isnt a video for botany or plant biology. In
    standard conversational English, ‘self pollinate’ means if you leave the
    plant to its own devices in terms of flowering, one way or another, many of
    its flowers will end up bearing fruit. Which is true.

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