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There’s lot of talk and debate going on about “Global Warming”. Global warming now holds the most serious threat to humans. We were happy about surviving a so-called “Doomsday” predicted by Mayans but the real threat has just begun in the form of Global warming. Earth’s temperature is increasing at an alarming rate. We are seeing climate change and still some are not ready to accept global warming as a serious threat.


Most of the people are looking for measure they can adopt to prevent global warming on their individual level. In reality, if we reduce our individual carbon footprint; which is the amount of carbon and greenhouse gases we release, the rate of global warming will decrease. There are many ways to reduce your carbon footprints, but the best way is to generate your daily required Electricity in your residence using Green renewable energy sources.

Solar energy, wind energy, ocean energy, hydrogen energy, biomass energy are few forms of Green renewable energy sources. But not all of these are used to generate electricity at home. Among these renewable energy sources, Solar and Wind energy are most commonly used to generate electricity at home. Availability, easy of set up, less space for unit make them the most preferred choice.

Solar energy is harnessed by using Solar panels. The amount of power generated using solar panels may vary depending upon the efficiency and ratings of solar panels. It is always recommended to have at least two solar panels in the generating unit. Wind energy is harnessed using Wind turbines. As wind turbines come in many sizes, smaller versions which are also called as Residential wind turbines are used to generate electricity at home. The output rating of wind turbines may range from 500 watts to 4 Kilowatts depending upon the size and shape of the residential wind turbine.

The process of setting up your own Electricity generating unit at your home may seem difficult, but it isn’t difficult at all. There are two ways to install an electricity generating unit at home.

First way involves buying solar panels and residential wind turbines from a supplier. This can become costly but easier. People having their budget in few thousand dollar are most happy to adopt this first way.

The second way involves constructing your very own solar panels and residential wind turbines. This method becomes very cheap and more fun to do (a bit tough). Within $500, you could set up your very own electricity generation unit capable to generate over 1 KW of power daily. By having a proper and detailed construction and installation guide, this way becomes the most economical, most fun and easy too.

For creating a reliable power generating system, it is advisable to have solar panels and wind turbines together in one system. There are many advantages of using a combined system of solar and wind power. The major advantage is the reliability and scalability of the generating system. Any amount of power can be generated using such a powerful unit.

Thus a combined generating unit consisting of Solar panels and wind turbines can easily generate more electricity than your daily requirements. The remaining electricity can be stored for later use or can be sold to your local grid.

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