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Home inspections may seem like a waste of time and money but you’d be unpleasantly surprised by the number of problems that will crop up with time. Purchasing a house is not cheap so you want to make sure you’re getting exactly what you pay for.
An inspection can only be carried out by a licensed inspector. And there are several types of inspectors too. If you want, you can choose to go for only a roof and foundation inspection, or you can opt for an HVAC inspection or the complete package. What’s important to understand is that you may not always be able to find inspectors who conduct checks on a wide range of issues. To cut down the time taken to search for companies that do, always set these parameters as guidelines. You’re likely to save money too by going for a package deal consisting of various inspections.
What if a house was constructed five years back? Is there any need to ask for an inspection? Yes, because structural defects may be present even if care was taken to eliminate them during the building process. Aside from the structure itself, the condition of the earth can determine just how solidly built a house is.
Homes located on beachfronts, for example, are more prone to the changing conditions of the soil affected by the sea. Even if there’s no immediate threat to the integrity of the structure, five or 10 years down the line can see it developing problems. For a buyer, it’s important to assess issues and try to come up with solutions that ensure a house will last for the next 40-50 years without any major renovation.
The condition of a piece of property isn’t of interest only to buyers. Even lenders care because the property is collateral and if the buyer (borrower) defaults on his mortgage, the lenders will have to find a way to sell the house at a cost that covers the loan. A home inspection can help evaluators arrive at an approximate cost which in turn helps lenders and buyers decide whether a loan is worth giving and a house worth buying.

For a buyer considering purchasing a house, an inspection is not the only process that determines the condition of a house. Prior to getting an inspection, asking the seller for disclosure about the property’s condition can reveal any additional issues or lack of any. Though not every seller will be aware of potential problems or hazards, extra information is helpful.
Aside from standard inspections, pest control inspections are also needed. The professionals here are not part of the home inspection group and will need to be hired separately. Why such an inspection is important is because a large percentage of a structure’s problems crop up due to pest activities.
Termites and rats are only a couple of examples with others being snakes, raccoons and even birds. What a pest inspection uncovers will help potential home buyers decide on the type of measures they should take to keep pests at bay. It can also affect the listing price of the house as buyers will have to cover the cost of making necessary renovations and repairs like sealing cracks in the walls, installing mesh walls on openings, replacing grates etc.


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