Going Retro: Decor with the Past Firmly in Mind

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by Scarlet

Hands up if you don't know what a Lava Lamp is?

Hands up if you don’t know what a Lava Lamp is?

We’ve all seen the images of homes in the 1970’s. A liberal use of orange, brown, and yellow could be seen in almost every room, and wall to wall carpets were taken literally as shag crawled its way up to the ceiling.

Animal prints were the rage, as were lava lamps and velvet paintings. To some, this style of decorating is best left in the distant past, never to be brought back into style.

Others find retro decor to be an exciting addition to their homes. If you’d love to have a retro room in your home, there are few rules and a lot of room to play around.

Choosing a paint color for a retro room isn’t difficult. Focus on a color such as orange or green. There were many different bright tones in the 1970’s, but you can choose a much more subdued version. There are many different warm greens that would look fantastic in any room. For a bit of spice, add a large feature wall in a darker shade.

Focusing on flooring, black and white checkered lino tile would look great in a retro room, but you should also warm it up with a large area rug. Although it’s not recommended that you put carpet on your walls instead of painting, you should definitely pull in some 1970’s feel by adding a large shag area rug. Shag area rugs are reminiscent of the carpets of the 1970’s but with a super soft and luxurious feel. Choose a color that complements your paint, such as a deep chocolate brown shag rug for a green toned room or a warm cream for a orange toned room.

Retro couches are just as popular now as they were in the 70’s, but the style has changed slightly and is generally called ‘modern’. A couch in a chaise shape with flat cushions would suit a retro room well. Although you can find some outlandish colors such as purple and bright red, stick to a couch color that will work well within your room.

Throw pillows on your couch evoke a retro feel when they are round and have a large button attached to the center. Lamps with suede shades or yellow glass fixtures also evoke the 1970’s quality you are looking for.

Door beads are a accessory that hasn’t been widely utilized since that decade, but would look great in your room. Other accents are lava lamps, pop art in bright colors, and novelty furniture such as chairs in the shape of hands or large wicker chairs.

If your room is a kitchen or recreation room, you may have a table and chairs or a bar. The 70’s were a decade big on vinyl and chrome. A great table and chairs in red or black and chrome would add an authenticity to your retro room.

No matter if you are would like to add simple retro touches or are willing to dive straight into a full retro room, choosing the 1970’s as a focus for decor will add life and nostalgia to your home.

Updated: February 10, 2016 — 4:07 am

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