1. very helpful. this video deserves more views!

  2. @Virvum001 I like to remove the suckers before before you can see the
    pollenating seeds on the top of the corn stalk.

  3. Are you growing hybrid corn or heirloom corn?

  4. Thanks for posting this! I am going to try corn this spring! I never knew
    corn grew suckers like that.

  5. Thank you for making this video. I grow corn last your just to do it and I
    did not know about sucker.Now I know. Thanks so much.

  6. You are most welcome. THANK YOU for watching!

  7. You are most welcome. THANK YOU for watching!

  8. THANK YOU for watching!

  9. Paula JadaPRT Anne

    I sure am glad I watched that. I didn’t know about removing the suckers. No
    wonder my corn doesn’t look like your’s. lol I’m subscribing in hopes of
    getting more tips. Thanks.

  10. The succers take out energy from the corn yes it mite make it weak but over
    time it will grow

  11. Good Job!

  12. why is their a black bag at the very bottom of the stock? to keep it hot?
    or to reflect

  13. Thank You for watching! It’s nice to know that simply posting some home
    video’s can help other people.

  14. Thank you for the tip! I’ll be removing my suckers today. My Corn is about
    shoulder height and last years crop didn’t live long.

  15. Corn is an easy vegetable to grow, but you need to grow them together so
    they can pollinate each other. Thank You for watching.

  16. As long as you have full sunlight, it’s just going into the summer months
    and they are small, don’t worry, just keep watering them and they will
    shoot right up. It’s okay if they are in a butch, they will pollinate
    better being close together. Thank You for watching!

  17. No way? From the Chino Hills Volunteer Association?

  18. 10-12 inches. Thank You for watching!

  19. My corn is 3 feet tall tt

  20. I grow tall corn and leave the “suckers”. I’ve read where cutting them off
    doesn’t increase yield, actually in some cases decreases it, and also
    leaves your corn open to disease.

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  22. very good, im doing Asian corn myself. I will do this next year for sure

  23. corn should be planted in squares or rectangles for better pollination from

  24. Thank you

  25. It really looks good! What is the best way to get your corn properly
    pollinated? And how do you eradicate worm effectively?

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