Grouting Tips

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Here are five grouting tips for installing a new ceramic tile floor.

Select the Right Color

The grout will be visible, so you want to choose a shade of grout that will compliment your tile and your decor. Grout is available in many different colors, so you can try to match the color of your tile so the grout blends in or you can choose a contrasting shade of grout that will emphasize the spacing between each tile.

Remember that white and lighter shades of grout will show dirt and stains more than darker colors. Also remember that grout color can also change over time.

Purchase the Correct Tools

Having the right tools is important if you want to complete any project effectively:

  • Choose a good quality grout to ensure that it stands up over time.
  • Purchase a tool to apply and level the grout – a palette knife or spatula or trowel will decrease the mess on the floor and on you.
  • Purchase spacers to help you keep the tiles a specific distance apart and ensure a consistent width of grout all around the tiles.
  • Have a sponge or cloth and a bucket of water available to remove any excess grout.


The third grouting tip is to make sure that your tiles are correctly placed before you put the grout down. The grout fills the spaces between the tiles, so if the grout lines are uneven, it’s because the tiles are crooked, not the grout itself.

Place the tiles and the grout to ensure that your tiles look evenly spaced out. Laying out your tiles before you start can help ensure the correct spacing. You will need to work somewhat quickly once the glue is down, so planning ahead can save a lot of stress and aggravation later.

Seal the Grout

Apply a sealer to protect the grout from damage and stains. Applying this sealant can be time consuming because you have to go over each grout line without getting any on the tile. But since the grout will probably show age quicker than the tiles, you want to do everything you can to protect the grout.

Maintain the Grout

The fifth grouting tip is to clean and maintain grout, just as you do the tile itself. In fact, you probably need to pay more attention to the grout because it will build up dirt faster than the tile surface.

If the grout is not perfectly level with the tile, your mop may miss some of the dirt and stains. Cracks or holes in the grout can also hide bits of dirt and bacteria. Every once and awhile, carefully clean all of the grout lines to ensure you remove any hidden dirt and stains that might be missed during your usual cleanings. Eventually, you may even want to apply more sealer since it can be worn down by high traffic and scrubbing.

Updated: November 9, 2012 — 6:21 pm

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