Tips For Planting and Growing Roses

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Growing roses in your home landscape is a great way to add color and beauty. For best the results, learn all you can about properly choosing, planting, and caring for roses. While roses are not difficult to cultivate, they need proper care and protection from diseases and pests.

Here are five tips for growing roses and having a more successful rose garden:

Rose Tip 1

Know the different types of roses and what types of soil and climate they like. Visit your local plant nursery or ask a master gardener or local horticulturist. Make sure that the varieties of rose that you plant are well suited to survive in your region. Trying to grow roses that only have a fair chance of surviving in the your growing conditions only leads to frustration.

Rose Tip 2

Plant roses during the autumn or in early spring to give them more time to adjust to their homes and store energy for a longer and better blooming season. With the exceptions of container-grown roses and miniature roses, use dormant plants when planting a rose garden. If you are transplanting rose bushes, do it in the fall when the plant becomes dormant, or in the early spring while the plant is still dormant.

Rose Tip 3

Plant your rose garden where it can get 5 to 6 hours of sunlight. Some climbing roses, shrubs, and Rugosa varieties are fine in shadier areas, but most roses like a lot of sun. To avoid mildew and blackspot on your roses, grow roses where they receive morning sunshine, which helps dry off the leaves. Roses left in the shade for the first part of the day are more susceptible to disease.

Rose Tip 4

Provide a rich nutrient source for your roses when planting your rose garden. This does not have to be rose food. You can add well-rotted manure or compost to the planting holes of your rose plants. (Test you soil to find out if you need to add amendments to improve the soil quality. Learnmore about the best soil for growing roses.) You want to provide a rich fertile environment for growing roses that nourishes the rose roots and encourages them to strengthen and take better hold.

Rose Tip 5

Water your rose garden generously and often after planting. Learn more about watering roses.

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