Heating and Cooling Your Home

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Heating and Cooling Your Home

Heating and cooling your home….whenever you heat or cool your home, you are using a lot of energy just to make your home comfortable.

However, you drain twice the energy at the same time. Experts said that heating and cooling your home systems are accountable for almost half of your utility bill.

Aside from that, over 150 million tons of CO2 (carbon dioxide) in the atmosphere comes from the cooling and heating systems in United States alone. This is one of the main reasons why people all over the world experience climate change every year.

But that’s not all. The carbon dioxide generated by the heating and cooling your home systems from United States also adds up to the nitrogen oxide and sulfur oxide which causes acid rain as well.

Regardless of the system that you use (air-conditioning, vents, or heating system), you can actually get the comfort that you need without spending so much money at the same time. All you have to do is to maintain the system properly and upgrade the equipments. But you should know that you would not feel the benefits of having an energy-efficient home unless your method is to have a whole energy-efficient house.

If you would get to combine both the upgrading and the maintaining of the equipments along with the right insulation, sealing the air, settings of the thermostat, then you are on your way to an energy-efficient homewhenever you heat or cool. Other than that, you would also get to save the environment by reducing the amount of emission by as much as 50 percent.

Below are some tips that could help you cut the costs of heating and cooling your home.

• During the winter, set your thermostat low and set it high during the summer.

• The filters on the furnaces must be cleaned or replaced at least once every month.

• As much as possible, clean all the baseboard heaters, warm-air registers, and the radiators as well. These machines must be free from obstructions such as drapes, furniture, or wall carpets.

• Radiators of hot waters can trap air too. You can bleed the trapped air yourself or call a professional to do this for you every winter.

• A few minutes after you cook, bath, or do other activities which requires the help of exhaust fans, the fans must be turned off.

• When looking for a replacement for your old exhaust fan, look for the models that are low-noise and the ones that have the highest efficiency.

• During the winter, you can open the draperies and the shades of your windows that are faced at the south. Welcome the natural sunlight in yourhome during the day. Just close it during the night to minimize the chill that cold windows can give.

Heating and Cooling Your Home – Air Ducts:

Wherever your duct is placed in your home, you can never neglect the fact that the ducts can be one of the major reasons why air is leaking, energy is losing, and money is wasted in your home.

These network of tubes called ducts allows the air from your central conditioning system to be passed on to the rest of the house. More often than not, ducts are made from fiberglass or sheet metals but it is not limited to the said materials alone. However, there are a lot of houses where the duct systems do not have proper insulation.

Worse, there are some duct systems that were poorly insulated. Each and every time that a part of your duct system leaks warm air to the spaces that does not require heat, it would only cost your comfort but a lot of your dollars as well that you have to pay for the cooling bills. When getting a new duct, you should prefer the duct that has an insulation installed in it.

It is very essential that you seal the duct system to let it do its purpose. But it is even more important that you seal these ducts if it is installed at the vented crawl space, the attic, and other unconditioned areas in your house. Whenever there is a hole or a crack where ducts would leak, the air cooled or heated will also escape causing you to lose the air that you need for a particular room.

During the summer or any given hot day, there is a big chance that the warm air would be drawn in. This would take a toll on your cooling system such as the air conditioner. Of course, there is also a big disadvantage during the winter at the same time.

To give you the warmth that you need during the said season, the furnace in your home must have to be turned on for a longer time, making it work twice harder so that everyone in your home can feel comfortable. But no matter what the season is, the energy that you lose during the winter or summer is still worth a thousand bucks.

Even though the small leaks in the ducts can be repaired easily, it is still important that the ducts located in the unconditioned spaces of your homeare insulated and sealed by the professionals so that they can use the right materials for the right duct leaks.

Tips on how you could fix your duct system:

The ducts that are left unsealed at the crawlspaces and the attic of yourhome would not only lose the heat and the air that you need. You would also get to lose money and energy at the same time. Therefore, you must immediately have your broken ducts repaired especially if need a major restoration.

However, hiring their services can be quite costly as well. So if you only need to fix a small gap, try remembering some of these duct tips that would help you do it yourself instead of spending hundreds of dollars for a simple duct revamp.

• Always check your duct if there are places where air would leak. Try looking first at the areas where the ducts should be linked but became separated. From there, start looking at the holes so you could fix and prevent the air from leaking.

• You can use tape for sealing the holes in the ducts. However see to it that you do not use duct tapes that are rubber adhesive and cloth-like back. These tapes usually fall off easily. Experts recommend that taps such as butyl tape, mastic, foil tapes, and other tapes that could tolerate heat are the best products to seal ducts. When in doubt, always look for logo of Underwriters Laboratories before using it in your home’s duct system.

• Give a cooler temperature to your basement by insulating the ducts at this part of the house. You may also want to consider insulating the basement walls at the same time.

• Remember that the drains and the water pipes located at the unconditioned spaces in your home may freeze as well as burst if the warm ducts became fully insulated. This is due to the fact that there is no sufficient heat source that would prevent it from freezing during the winter or any day with a cold weather.

But you can actually prevent this from happening by wrapping electric heating tapes at the water pipes. Always consult a professional contractor if you do not have a clue about heating the pipes.

• If you turned your basement into your living room, you can contact a professional contractor so they could help you install the registers in the said room.

• Although the duct system in your home have leaks and holes that you can repair by yourself, it is still advisable that you call a professional contractor to avoid making things worse and to make sure that you get the best out of your duct system as well.

Heating and Cooling Your Home – Heat Pumps

If you are looking for a very efficient way to heat up your home, heat pumps would do the trick. The heat that these pumps can give is actually three times more than what it really consumes in your electric bill. You can choose from the three different heat pumps such as the water source heat pumps, air-to-air heat pumps, and the ground source heat pumps. These types vary depending on their source. Aside from giving heat, heat pumps can also be your home’s air conditioner at the same time. To learn more about heating and cooling upgrades to your home, we recommend you visit Alek HVAC

During the hot weather or summer, the heat pump can get the warm air inside the house. It would then release it outside your home so that you can have a cooler temperature inside, making your cooling system workmore efficiently. Using heat pumps in your home can actually reduce the amount of energy and electricity that you consume from 30 up to 40 percent.

But just like any other home equipments, heat pumps need also proper maintenance so that it can give you the most out of its function. You might want to try these tips that would help you prolong the life of your heat pump, save energy, and save money all at the same time.

• Change or just clean the filters of the heat pumps as often as you can.

• Always maintain the heat pump’s system according to the instructions included in the manual.

• Never set back the thermostat of the heat pump on your own especially during the night. If your thermostat is not designed for a set-back, the backup heat of the thermostat will operate during the morning. This would cause a higher consumption in the energy which results to bigger electricity bill.

• Try to clean and then lubricate the motor fan of your heat pump every year. This would ensure that there is enough airflow that would let the heat pump do its job.

However, if you are looking for ways on how you could save for a long time you might want to consider getting a heat pump system that is energy-efficient. This is very advisable especially if you are located in a place where the climate is moderate.

Since you will be using the system to heat up your home for long hours, it is essential that you choose a heat pump system that would work perfectly for your home……by following the tips contained on this page you will be well on the way to controlling the heating and cooling your home.

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