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by Danni Rodgers
(Chicago, USA)

Getting paid what a person is worth is easier said than done. Getting paid for writing is a different animal than getting paid for working an hourly job!.

A writer is usually paid for every article they write, and for some, for every word they write, but if the writing is not up to par, it doesn’t matter how long it took a person to write an article, they won’t get paid at all. So writing has a lot to do with how well a person writes than it does on whether they will get paid or not. This is different from a regular paying hourly job.

With an hourly job, whether a person does an effective job or not, they are still paid for the hours that they worked, even if they do not have the job any longer. Writers are paid by the product they produce, so getting paid what a person is worth is a lot harder for writers than most.

Beginning writers often give up after getting a few bad reviews. They erroneously believe that they must not have what it takes to be a writer. It takes time for a writer to learn what a reader is looking for. Building a portfolio with writing samples is an important process in getting paid for what a writer is worth.

For beginning writers, they won’t be paid as much as someone with years of writing under their belts. People with a lot of experience in writing end up getting better paying projects as time goes by. A beginning writer is not going to get a higher paying job as a writer, so they need to start small. They need to learn how to blog first.

Blogging will help a writer hone their skills in writing, and help them to build up a large vocabulary of words. They will learn more about spelling and grammar after each blog they write. Learning the different tools for writing, such as spell check and a thesaurus will further aid in their credibility as a writer. Spelling and punctuation errors can take a reader out of a story. Bloggers and article writers normally get paid $5 an article. Some get paid even less depending on the companies budget.

Starting out small may mean that a writer will be paid very little for their work, but at that time it is really not about getting paid, it is about learning how to write and getting good at it, so that a person can start getting paid for what they are worth.

Updated: November 9, 2012 — 11:12 pm

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