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by James Lawrence
(West Islip, NY, USA)

Affiliate Marketing strategies are becoming one of the fastest ways a website owner can generate a lasting income. The two most important ways to generate income through a person’s web page is through advertising revenue and selling through Affiliate Marketing.

A person does not have to be the CEO of a company before they canmake money by having a website. Any one in the world can make money by having a website if they do it the right way. Advertisers who use websites to place their ads through AdSense and Adwords is one of the most popular ways to generate an income. Website owners get paid by each visitor who clicks an ad. Advertisements through Affiliate Marketing is a growing trend as well.

People who bring other people into a business make money on the back end of that other person, and the person that they bring in, and so on and so forth. It is one of the easiest ways to make an ongoing income, but it still needs constant management, just as any business. With Affiliate Marketing, a person’s success depends on another person’s success.

How much money a person makes through advertising depends on how much a place like Google pays an advertiser to place their ads on a web page. If Google paid a lot of money for advertising on a popular website such as Youtube, a person can make up to $15 per click.

Other websites may generate less income, such as two cents per click. With enough visitors to a website, a person can generate a constant income just by having a web page up and running. Most website owners decide to go with a business like Google AdSense tomake money for their websites because it is easier and less involved, but others can choose to connect with businesses through affiliating with them on their websites, thus creating a trusting working relationship with them. After creating a working relationship with these businesses, they will then agree to advertise their companies through their websites. This is called Affiliate Marketing.

There are three different types of payment schemes that go withAdSense and Affiliate Marketing. For AdSense they are Pay-Per-Click and Pay-Per-Impression. For Affiliate Marketing there is Pay-Per-Sale or Lead. Pay-Per-Click depends on how many times a visitor clicks on an advertisement. Pay Per Impression depends on how many times the advertisers banner is displayed on a website.

Pay-Per-Sale or Lead depends on whether a person makes a purchase from that advertiser or signs up for a program. The Pay-Per-Click is by far the easiest out of all the three. Having constant visitors to a website clicking on an ad, will generate more income than a Pay-Per-Impression method, or hoping that a person will purchase a product from a seller.

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