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by Fran Connors
(Atlanta, Georgia, USA)

Many people start blogging looking for a way to make money from home in their extra time without having to get a regular part time job. They soon find that, although blogging can provide a regular income, sometimes that money just doesn’t come in quickly enough.

For other aspiring bloggers, sometimes a blog does produce some money, but the blogger just isn’t interested in the topic any longer, or the blog doesn’t produce enough money to make it worth the time spent working on it. There are many reasons why someone who has a blog may be looking for a more creative, and quicker, way to make money from that blog.

There is a faster way to make a profit from a blog, even when the blog is only producing a small amount of income. You can sell the blog for a quick profit. Many people refer to this as “flipping” the blog.

If you want to sell a blog for a quick profit, the steps are nearly the same as if you intended to keep the blog.

1- First, you should pick a popular niche.

You can use of the popular keyword research tools, such as Google’s free service or you can go out and purchase one of the popularkeyword tools such as Micro Niche Finder or Market Samurai and then use those tools to locate a niche that has a lot of people searching for information and not many people competing with you to provide that information. An easier way to pick the right niche is to visit the popular website auction sites and simply look at which types of sites are already selling. Since your goal from the outset is to sell the site, you have to worry much less about delving deeply into the keywords.

2 – Create your blog and your content

Many people use the free blogging sites and they even build up advertising revenue on those sites, but if you ever plan to sell the blog these free sites won’t work. You will need to purchase web hosting use a content management system such as WordPress to build your blog.

WordPress is great for this purpose because there are numerous themes and plug-ins available to help you build a very professional looking website without having to pay a website designer. If you absolutely know nothing about setting up WordPress, you will be amazed at the information and detailed tutorials you can find about WordPress Blogs for free on sites such as YouTube!.

Once you have your site set up, you need to get some content posted. Here is where your keyword research comes in handy. You will need to do some basic search engine optimization and planning if you want to get the most money for your blog. Write, or buy, 10 articles around the search terms you have found and post them on your blog. If you want to get the most money for your blog, you may want to keep it a month or two and schedule your content out over that time. This gives your blog time to produce some income and thus draw more money when you try to sell it.

3 – Set up your blog to make money

There are a variety of ways to “monetize” a blog. Google Adsense is a popular choice because it is easy to set up and popular with blog purchasers. There are also other choices such as using Amazon affiliate links to sell physical products related to your subject matter.

4 – Drive traffic to your blog

After you set up the income source for your blog, you will take almost the same steps you would take if you intended to keep the blog. However, you will most likely not spend as much time or put as much personal care into these steps. You will need to build links, use forum networking and social bookmarking and networking to get people and search engines to notice your site. It is easy and inexpensive to use outsourcing websites such as Fiverr to take care of this step.

5 –Sell your blog

Once you have your blog set up initially, it can be sold at any time on one of the website auction sites such as Flippa.com. However, the higher the search engine rankings and the more money the blog is producing, the more money the blog will bring at the website auction sites. People sell brand new blogs with no income and no traffic every day, but if you can show as little as a few dollars a day in income, your site will bring a lot more money when you sell it.

The ideal way to use this method of making money from your blog is to allow each of your blogs to season over time to see how well they will do financially. You can set a minimum amount of money that will make you want to keep the site and then sell all that don’t make that minimum. However, if you need quick cash, building a blog and selling it quickly for $50 to $100 at a pop is not the hardest way to earn that extra money.

Updated: November 3, 2015 — 2:42 am

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