The Benefits of DIY Home Cooking

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diy home cooking

DIY Home Cooking….have you ever asked Grandma what she and Grandpa used to have for dinner? And when did she cook it?.

She probably gave you a very different answer from what goes on in your own kitchen, and it is likely that her household did not resemble yours in the least bit not a microwave, wok or crock pot in site!….the only real similarity being the family chinaware which would likely have been kept in china storage or merely wrapped in old newspapers & brought on for those special occasions!.

Up until the 1980s, most women stayed home once they had kids and they had plenty of time to make a home cooked meal for their husbands when they returned from work in the evenings. And even the women who did work were usually part-timers, leaving them plenty of time for home cooking and housework.

Today’s home life is rather different. Nowadays, men cook just as much as women. And with the busy schedules that both of them have as they navigate full-time jobs, run car pools, raise their kids, and pursue any hobbies and interests, there is little time to cook. So how do people manage to provide a satisfying meal for their families at the end of the day, rather than existing on cheese sandwiches or baked beans every night?

One solution is to buy take out. It certainly makes life very easy. All you need to do is pick up the phone, make an order, and voila! A few minutes later, a pizza, chicken curry, or Chinese meal is delivered to your home. There is no washing up and no mess. It couldn’t be better could it!, or could it?.

The main disadvantages of buying take out on a regular basis are two-fold, there is the obvious one the cost, but there is also a growing awareness that take-out meals are actually not good for your longterm health & wellbeing!.

Restaurant food is fairly pricey, and while you don’t have to tidy the kitchen afterwards you will find that your high bills may well take you to the cleaners. The other problem is that you have no say in what goes into the food that you eat.

This could be a problem in terms of possible food allergies, cleanliness (you don’t know what goes on in the restaurant kitchen …), and your own personal tastes. You have to rely on someone else to add the seasonings and spices that you like, and to what extent, and this might get on your nerves after a while.

So how do you get the best of both worlds, combining delicious, nutritious home cooking with convenience and speed?

There are several different options here:

Option #1 – One answer may be “ready meals”, all you have to do is to re-heat them, but again these are expensive and they can be rather unhealthy, with all sorts of chemicals and additives in them.

Option #2 – Another answer might be to regularly cook either Thai style or Chinese style dishes, which take little preparation time & can be ready to serve within minutes…..you could either prepare in the mornings before work & keep in the fridge, or prepare & cook immediately in the evenings.

Option #3 – A third and possibly more practical solution is organization. Find recipes for one-pot meals that are easy to prepare and always taste good. To do this, you need a crock pot. The crock pot is a great invention that has revolutionized the life of every working man or woman.

All you need to do is defrost some meat over night, chop up some potatoes, onions, and other vegetables of your choice, and throw everything into the pot before you go out to work, with the spices and seasonings of your choice. While you are out, the crock pot will slowly cook the food, creating a delicious, healthy stew for you and the family to eat in the evening.

These are just a few of our ideas, we are sure you have lots of personal homecooking tips & favorites of your own, either recipes or just little ways to make your busy lives run that little bit smoother….why not share them with us, we would love to hear from you!.

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