How to Build a Bathroom Wall Cabinet

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by Gilly Brewster
(San Diego, California, USA)

If you have some room in the bathroom for a bathroom wall cabinet, it could certainly help you with putting your things away, rather than having to keep them on the counter!.

Bathroom wall cabinets are available in most hardware stores, but you may not find one that fits the empty spot in your bathroom. Today, we will be looking at how you can build your own wooden bathroom cabinet.

The job is very easy to get done and can be done in two ways. You can either build the cabinet on the wall, which would leave it there forever or you can build it and then attach it to the wall. We will be discussing on how you can build the cabinet first and then attach it to the wall.

To build a bathroom cabinet, you will need the required amount of wood, wood screws, screwdriver, hinges, door knobs, L shaped brackets and some wood putty.

To start off, you need to measure the area in which you are going to build the bathroom cabinet. For our case, we will consider a cabinet with a width of 25 inches, height of 20 inches and depth of 6 inches. As you can see, this is a pretty small cabinet, but it will do for our example. You need to begin by cutting up the required wood panels for all the sides and shelves. You will need 3 pieces that measure 25 by 6 inches (AA), 2 pieces that measure 6 by 20 inches (BB) and 2 pieces that measure 12.5 by 20 inches (CC).

Using your wooden screws, you will need to take the two BB pieces and place them side by side. These two pieces will make the left and right side of the cabinet. Next, take two AA pieces and place them on the top and bottom of the cabinet to make a full square. With the top piece over the left and right, you need to screw it in place, so that it looks like the two left and right pieces are attached to the top piece.

Similarly, you need to add the bottom piece to the bottom and do the same. Using small L brackets, you can make sure that all four corners will stay aligned and in proportion.

As for the shelf that goes in the middle, you need to take piece AA and cut off the thickness of the wood on both sides. So, if the wood pieces you are using is a half inch thick, and then you would cut off an inch from piece AA. This is done to ensure that it will slide into the cabinet. Now, remember that the bathroom cabinet will not have a back, as the wall would be the back of the cabinet. Attach the shelf and screw in two nails from either side to keep the shelf in place.

Since there is no support on the back of the cabinet, it would be moving around a little, so without moving it around too much, you need to get it onto the wall. On the wall, draw a line with a pencil indicating where you are going to place the cabinet. Find out where the wall has a beam running through and drill a hole. Your L shaped brackets will be placed where you drilled the hole. With your brackets in place, rest the cabinet on the brackets and screw it down. To increase stability, attach a wooden piece along with the bottom of the cabinet to ensure that it’s going to stay in place.

Lastly, you are going to attach the hinge to the door. Do not attach the hinge to the cabinet first, as its going to make the installation harder for you. So, using small screws attach the hinge to your cabinet doors and then screw the hinges into place on the cabinet. Once you have attached the doors to your cabinet, everything should look just fine.

Some people may want to add some style to their cabinet, so you surely can add a window to the door, or paint your cabinet or even get some lighting in it. For lighting in the cabinet, you would need to cut holes at the top of the cabinet and allow the bulb holder to sit in it.
Regardless, you now have a customized bathroom wall cabinet that you just built.

Updated: August 20, 2013 — 1:03 pm

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