How to Create Multiple Income Streams Working From Home

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by Jayne Holden
(West Islip, NY, USA)

There are countless ways to make money from home working online. Affiliate marketing, selling advertising, selling services, and selling information products are only a few of them. Your options are limited only by your creativity.

Many people trying to start an online business feel they have to concentrate on only one area in order to get the best results. Focus can indeed be a powerful factor in becoming successful at earning a living online. The online business world is full of people who fail by constantly moving their focus from one cutting edge marketing technique to the next, never quite achieving success before moving on to the next new and interesting business model that comes along.

On the other hand, when you have only one stream of income you are very vulnerable to factors beyond your control. Search engines change their guidelines. Your Google Adsense account gets deleted for unknown reasons. A popular affiliate product makes changes that tank your sales figures. If you sell services, how can you afford to get sick for a few days?.

There are more factors outside of your control which can potentially affect your income than you can imagine. Most important, regardless which of the common online income methods you choose, your business is always vulnerable to factors you can’t totally control.

The key to success making money online working from home is to establish multiple streams of income from different sources without losing your focus at the same time. This is easier than it sounds.

Almost every source of online income is based on the same basic skill sets – generating website traffic and creating useful and/or persuasive content. If you become very, very good at these activities, establishing multiple streams of income becomes a matter of simply directing the website visitors you generate to the web pages set up for each different income stream.

If you choose to sell website advertising (for example, Google Adsense ads) as one source of income, creating useful and informative content and driving traffic to the website are the key elements for success. If you choose to create your own information product, once again content creation and targeted traffic generation are the keys to success.

Affiliate marketing uses the same skill set. Even if you are a service provider such as a writer, programmer, or online administrative assistant, you still need to be skillful at driving traffic to your business website and producing content which convinces potential customers to pay you for your services.

Some income sources work very well together so you can create multiple sources of income from the same website. For example, Google Adsense ads can be placed on a website promoting an affiliate product. You can combine promoting affiliate products with selling your own product or service. For example, if you write and sell private label rights article packs you can also promote article packs written by other authors.

Establishing multiple streams of online income is a necessity in today’s fast changing online marketing environment. Mastering the basic online marketing skills of content production and website traffic generation makes it possible for you to focus on multiple streams of income without losing focus.

Updated: November 10, 2012 — 12:22 am

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