How To Let Your Dog Know How Much You Care!

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by Lori Bartez
(Naples, Florida, USA)

Of course you love your dog! You’ve loved that dog since the first moment you brought him home. There is no question in your mind that you love your dog. But do you show it? How do you show it? Does your dog know how much you love him?

There are ways you can definitely let your dog know that you love him, even if he doesn’t understand the English language all that well. Show him you love him with attention to these areas:


You probably feed your dog twice a day, but are you consistent about the time of day and night you feed him? Your dog’s internal clock tells him when it’s that time of the day and he is counting on you to prepare his meal on time. Plus, he is hungry! Show consideration by feeding him as close to the same times as you can. Don’t forget to throw some healthy treats his way now and then too.


Dogs appreciate a good brushing because it feels good and they like the attention they are getting from you. They also like to cool off with a summer cut when it starts really heating up outside. Pay attention to their grooming needs and make them as comfortable as possible.


To a dog, petting means attention from his favorite human. Take a few minutes out of your rushed morning to look at him directly, talk to him, and give him some loving scratches. Find time, even if it’s short, to pet him and give him that attention he craves as often as you can.


This is fun time for both of you. Not only does playing a game like fetch help let off steam and get some exercise, it makes your dog feel good about doing his job, even if his job is bringing back the ball every time.


While your pooch might not understand your exact words, he surely understands the loving inflection you use when you tell him what a good boy he is or croon in his ear how much you love him. He can feel your love when you speak that way, and he can also feel it through your hands when you snuggle up close and maybe give him a massage.

Bringing Along:

Sometimes you can get so caught up in doing this and that and sticking to a tight schedule, you forget about your best friend. Can you bring him along in the car and include him a bit more? You’ll find opportunities to do this if you look for them.


Dogs don’t really want to fetch a ball by themselves and they certainly can’t walk themselves, so they need you to participate too. Keeping your dog fit is important to his quality of life right now and in the future.

There’s no question you love your dog dearly, but it’s important to let your dog know too by spending time taking care of his needs in a timely manner, making him happy, and showing him some attention.

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Updated: November 15, 2013 — 3:40 am

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