How to Paint Your Dormer Roof

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A dormer roof is an extension of the roof with a window placed vertically. The outside of the dormer roof is usually covered by siding. Overtime the siding and the frame around the window begin to fade. To revitalize the look of your dormer roof remodel the exterior of the dormer roof by painting the siding and the window frame. Due to the small size of most dormer roofs you can easily remodel your dormer roof in no time. The increase in value to your house from a freshly painted and remodeled dormer roof can be substantial!

Step 1

Set up the ladder near the dormer roof and climb up to the roof. Make sure the floor where you are setting up the ladder is solid and stable before setting up the ladder. It is very important you only set the ladder in a solid surface otherwise it can be extremely hazardous to climb on the ladder.

Step 2

Cover the window glass with masking paper. Tape the masking paper with painters tape. Cut the excess masking paper and painters tape with the utility knife.

Step 3

Paint the window frame with the paint sprayer. If you are painting the siding the same color as the window frame you can paint the complete siding. Otherwise you will have to wait six hours for the paint to dry on the window frame.

Step 4

Cover the entire window and window frame with masking paper and painters tape if you are going to paint the dormer roof’s siding with another color.

Step 5

Paint the siding with the paint sprayer. Let the paint dry for at least four hours and then reapply a final layer of paint. Let the final layer of paint dry for 24 hours. Remove the masking paper and painters tape and enjoy your remodeled dormer roof.


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