How to Take Care of Steel Garage Doors in Summit, NJ

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Illustration of a garage door.

Illustration of a garage door. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How to Take Care of Steel Garage Doors in Summit, NJ….when perfectly in working order, nothing will beat steel garage doors in terms of handiness and efficiency.

However, once they begin to give problems, pulling your car in and out can be a daunting task. Since the former is always a better choice, it is important that you know how to care for your steel garage door!

A garage door faces a variety of issues in its life span, especially if it is a steel garage door. Although steel garage doors are safe and durable, they turn creaky and harder to open in time due to lack of lubrication. So, it is important that you lube all your garage door’s moving parts at least 3 times a year.

If your location is Summit, NJ, you’ll easily find an experienced technician to help you out with the job. But if you want to carry out a DIY garage door maintenance project, make sure you have proper instructions to follow.
Here is a step-to-step guide to help you effortlessly examine your garage door in Summit, NJ:

Start with Hinges

Hinges are located inside of your garage door and need to be examined thoroughly. After all, they are responsible for keeping the sections connected, allowing the door to bend.
Use a quality lubricant to lube the hinges and springs. If you haven’t changed them ever since their installation and think they are too old or damaged to function smoothly, consider replacing them with new ones.

Take Care of the Rollers

Rollers are situated on both the sides (left and right) of the door and are vital for rolling the entire garage door unit up and down. Normally, they have a life span of around 12 years, but may vary depending upon how often you open and close the garage door a day. Clean them using a clean cloth and lubricate properly.

Torsion Springs are Complicated

Attached to the pole that runs along the garage door, torsion springs are located on the door opening. In some types of doors, they are also situated at the back side, next to the opener.
Orally examine your door’s torsion springs before you start to clean or repair them. If you haven’t repaired one before, leave the job to professionals. Since they are powerful enough to create lots of pressure, even a slight mistake could cause serious injuries. If your garage door has a broker or damaged torsion spring, get it replaced by a skilled technician.

Clean and Lube Tracks

It is tracks that allow the rollers to open and close the door. You can examine or clean each track in a specific position; when the door is up, you get enough space to lube the vertical track. Likewise, the horizontal lube is free for proper lube when the door is down.

Keep Bearing Brackets Intact

Bearing brackets are situated on both the sides (left and right) of the torsion pole. They are one of the most important garage door parts that should be lubricated quite frequently. Get them aligned if they are not sitting in a 90-degree angle. Wrongly placed, they make noisy, shrill sounds every time the garage door opens.

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