1. Quality. Thanks for this. Don’t underestimate how many people out there are
    a bit physics / electrical dumb (such as me).

  2. nice, great vid

  3. nice one

  4. @zepidpiper I’m not sure as there is no branding on it, but it was only £1
    from a car boot sale. I’d never touch a live terminal with it though 😉

  5. @zepidpiper : its called a tester or a tester screwdriver

  6. Dear video poster, thank you very much for this video. I subscribed and
    will check out your other vids! This is wickedly excellent. I had no idea I
    could test my actual house fuses like this (I knew, like many, the theory,
    but what to do when actually having to do it…) 🙂 Thank you very much
    for this!

  7. Ultimate Handyman

    @MrMooseful You should not use one of these screwdrivers on live electrical
    parts really, stick to the multi-meter. If you know which cable it is you
    can disconnect it from the electricity and connect the two cores together
    and then do a continuity test on the other end of the cable, but it must be
    done with the electricity switched off and the wires disconnected.

  8. Where can I get one of those screwdrivers? I can only find a neon one.

  9. I’ve just found one in the cpc catalogue

  10. I found 1 here. exactly the same. go to ebid .net and paste in search this

  11. @Kirovs1982 Yes, that is the one. I would not recommend one for live
    testing though 😉

  12. Hi i have a test pen but mine is very simple only have the fuse
    inside….yours look like having capacitor in there. I tried to test fuse
    using my test pen but it won’t work or showing any light

  13. @ayotollah If you have a basic neon screwdriver you cannot test a fuse this

  14. @Rob4256 Neons need contact with the live terminal to work. The screwdriver
    I used in this video does not require contact with the live terminal as it
    can work by induction. Neons can be dangerous, if the lamp fails you might
    think something is dead- which in fact is live! You can also get 12v neons
    and 240v neons, if yout pick up the 12v neon and use it on 240v it will go
    with a bang!

  15. my gurus at uk.d-i-y also hate neon screwdrivers youtube wont let me put in
    the URL so google this: uk.d-i-y wiki! neon screwdriver

  16. im from the states and i bought one from harbor freight, its broken the LED
    does not light up yes i did exacly like you did in this video

  17. @FromThe3PointLine Is it the exact same screwdriver with the batteries and
    LED? If so it should illuminate when you touch both ends, if not make sure
    the screw cap is tight, or try replacing the batteries

  18. U can use that on car fuses ?

  19. Nice. I just ordered an identical electrical screwdriver from eBay,
    although it cost me a whopping £2.49.

  20. Thanks to this vid,i recently ordered two of these online,and keep one in
    the car. It helped me find a dud fuse when the boiler went dead. Cost about
    £2.50 each tho,lol. Very helpful video as always…thanks!

  21. I have a Disney-Pixar toy of a pink octopus that basically does the same
    thing, thanks for reminding me i had it. Turns out my fuse had blown.

  22. I would never of chanced changing this old fuse cable as electric fears the
    life out of me bit made it look simples thank you mate. Well lots more jobs
    to do around the house, so look forward to watching more of of your videos.
    You sound local anyway so you may be getting a call out soon …… lol

  23. You are welcome. Thanks for the comment

  24. Very clear explanation. Thank you.

  25. You are welcome Thanks for the comment

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