How to Turn Your Yard into a Home Security Feature

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by Jeremy Kushner

Look at your home from the road - see what a burglar sees!

Look at your home from the road – see what a burglar sees!

Look at your home from the road - see what a burglar sees! Use landscaping to your advantage Consider some naturally defensive plants

Truly effective home security isn’t just installing a system and paying a monthly fee. Truly effective home security means looking at your home in layers of security, and making sure that at each layer there are deterrents against home invasion and burglary. That outermost layer has to do with your yard. Even your yard is an integral part of home security.

So, how do you turn your yard into a home security feature? There are several ways in which you need to look at your yard, and several areas where it can improve your overall security:

1. Start with the fence line. – A fence that’s tall enough to keep out intruders doesn’t have to be ugly. There are a number of fencing options that will keep potential burglars out of your yard – or at least force them to approach from the front. A security fence should be at least seven feet tall, and should be kept in good repair. The fence shouldn’t obscure the view of your home from the road, however.

2. Look at your home from the road. – That’s what a burglar is going to do. He’s looking for three things: value, cover, and ease of access. He wants to identify whether you’ve got anything worth taking inside your home. He wants to figure out where he can hide while he’s trying to break into your home. He’s also trying to determine how much resistance he’ll have getting into your home. If every entrance to your home is clearly visible from the road, it can deter a burglar.

3. Use landscaping to your advantage. – Having some nice foliage in your yard can enhance your home’s look and value, but be careful not to obscure entrances. If you have tall hedges underneath or in front of a living room window, for example, you’re inviting a criminal to break in from that location. Watch out for overgrowth, too. Simply keeping a well-manicured yard is, in many ways, a home security measure.

4. Consider some naturally defensive plants. – There are a number of types of plants – rose bushes being the most common and among the most lovely – that provide a natural defense against home invaders. Lining the edge of your home with these types of plants will not only add to the attractiveness of your yard, they can also help deter thieves.

5. Let potential home invaders know they’re being watched. – Given a choice between a home that has a security system and one that doesn’t, most burglars are going to go with the one that doesn’t. A small sign in your flower bed that mentions your home security system can be a wonderful deterrent. Security cameras mounted on the home or on the garage and facing the driveway can help out, as well.

These security measures don’t have to be blatant, either; most burglars are going to be looking for them. As long as you don’t hide them, they don’t need to be an eyesore either.

Home security starts with your yard. Spending just a few minutes looking at your yard and integrating it into your home security plan can save you significant worry down the road.

This is a guest article written by Jeremy Kushner, who is a home security enthusiast and blogs on topics related to crime, security and home improvement. You can find more of his posts at homealarmsystems.com.

Updated: October 25, 2013 — 11:54 pm

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