How to use Accessories in Home Decorating

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by Scarlett

The subtle use of home accessories completes any room!

The subtle use of home accessories completes any room!

You need to add accessories to your room in order to complete the look however, it is important that the accessories also compliment as well as complete the look.

You should always add accessories as a final touch to your room so don’t rely on them to make the look, instead, rely on them to complete the look.

First tackle the big decorating steps like painting the walls, putting down the carpet or flooring. Your look will not be complete until you have all the accessories in the room.

Plants and flowers are accessories that can transform the look of your room in an instant. A simple plant that is potted can set on the table or bookshelf and give the room a calming relaxing look. If you opt to use real live plants don’t forget to water them and dust their leaves in order to keep the look that you originally wanted to create.

If it becomes droopy or turning colors to brown, then it will not look inspiring and well thought out. You may want to choose artificial flowers instead because you never need to water them and they always stay green. You simply need to dust them on occasion to keep them looking clean.

If you like a certain theme, like wildlife, pets, or sports, then you can accessorize with this theme. This would make a great focus for your room and it is something that you like. If you are not sure how to choose a theme, sit down with a pen and paper and begin a list of everything you like. Once your list is complete, you can select the right theme from your list.

Part of decorating is learning how to balance the look. People sometimes overdue it on the walls so how do you find balance? Start with one large picture or design on the largest wall and that will be your focal point. Use smaller pieces to accessorize but don’t over crowd your walls otherwise it will be distracting.

Your flooring also has an influence on how the room looks. You may like a hardwood floor because it looks smooth and elegant. You may like wall-to-wall carpeting because it provides warmth and softness.

You may want to use area rugs that are more appealing to your color scheme. The oriental rugs are very popular as are the braided rugs. There are may different colors you can choose from like beige, grey, yellow, purple, and green.

Bring out some old classics that you used to like as a child or when you bought your first home. It’s a great way to start a collection and to keep your memories on display.

Take one particular item, such as a teapot, a book, or vase and make that your focal point. Accessorize and decorate around it.

You can add different textures together so that it balances the room. You don’t need to have everything shiny and smooth. You can have some rough textures as well as smooth. Put porcelain on display as well as wood pieces that are carved.

Senior writer Scarlett enjoys decorating homes from the floor up. She loves to start with rugs and in particular modern rugs.

Updated: February 10, 2016 — 4:09 am

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