1. Ultimate Handyman

    @oc2phish07 Thanks for the comment.

  2. @maccagrabme Wrap it around the whole thread, normally about 8-10
    revolutions of PTFE tape is sufficient. Thanks for the comment.

  3. Like i said before pal you explain things/your self so well, im not saying
    your the best at what you do but your in the top 1 lol

  4. Mate, that was 6 wraps…You need to go round at least 18 – 20 times. If
    you screw that in after 6 it will be a low level sprinkler system. But what
    do i know, I only fit heating, fires and stoves for a living 😉

  5. @gpatiuk1984 Again- Read the title of the video- how to use PTFE tape! The
    video shows how to use PTFE tape. It does not show how to prepare a
    radiator tail, it was only used as an example 😉 Bit strange how two
    comments mentioning the same thing appeared at the same time!

  6. @blimeyolriley Well said. Thanks for the comment 😉

  7. @MrHopper911 Thanks for the comment 😉

  8. I usually put 15 revolutions to ensure a good seal. Never 2 or 3!

  9. Simply you need ENOUGH PTFE tape . And enough will depend on the state of
    the joint you are repairing . With water I would always err on the side of
    caution but obviously too much will prevent you from screwing the fitting
    back on !!

  10. Ultimate Handyman

    Unfortunately there are a few million people with regional accents. If you
    don’t like it I suggest you don’t watch the videos 😉

  11. Ultimate Handyman

    To seal between the threads

  12. That was educational. Thanks. However, I would have liked to see you
    actually screwing something, plus you said it could unwind if you do it the
    wrong way – it would have been better if could demonstrate these things
    instead of merely talking about them. Because at the end of the day
    demonstration is usually 100 times more effective than words. Hence,
    generally your videos are great. Also maybe demonstrate what happens if you
    have too many/few revolutions?

  13. Thank you. Short and informative. This helps!

  14. Very helpful! thank you very much.

  15. brilliant accent mate and a brilliant video,thanks 🙂

  16. Ultimate Handyman

    Thanks for the comment

  17. Throw another shrimp on the barbie! Thanks for the video…

  18. Thanks for the comment

  19. PTFE tape is NOT used as a sealant. It’s used as a lubricant to get the
    fittings on tighter, and it mostly supposed to be used for tapered fittings
    since they don’t have a gasket to make a seal. Also, 3-4 loops is enough.

  20. PTFE thread sealant tape is not a sealant? , perhaps you should tell the
    manufacturers that they don’t know what they are doing 😉

  21. I would have thought the same as mostyourbase ptfe is a great lubricant and
    you cant get a better seal than metal on metal, that is the purpose of
    tapered threads, if you read an api or npt standard they tell you that you
    need to over-tighten them to get the seal which in essence is an
    interference fit. I could be completely wrong but I do work for a company
    that designs components for the oil and gas industry with this type of
    fixing method.

  22. I suppose you think cutting fluid can cut metal too, hmm?

  23. I see care in the community is still going strong. Don’t tell your carer
    that you have been trolling in your spare time!

  24. mate, your previous comment on the “sealant” is wrong. It works as a
    sealant and this comment just doesn’t make sense.

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