Ways To Increase Self Confidence

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Ways To Increase Self Confidence….nowadays, a lot of people feel empowered, and for good reason too.

Women, in particular, are earning advanced degrees, big salaries, and their fair recognition in the world. But there’s another type of gutsiness that’s a little harder to come by: the kind that involves how you look in public.

It goes beyond making eye contact and serving up a strong handshake. Certain movements, expressions, and gestures send signals that subconsciously pique a person’s interest. And when you sense that you’ve actually caught the interest of the people, it gives you a real boost.

Of course, this is not to say that feeling great about yourself involves gaining the approval of other people. You need an inherently high level of self-validation.

You look like a self-assured individual if you know that you are simply comfortable about yourself without having to really achieve perfection. The bottom-line is: acting confident is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Ways To Increase Self Confidence….first of all, take long strides when you walk around a room. Glide through so that you get a surge of self-possession. To master this, scan your surroundings for a familiar face so you have someone to walk toward and aren’t wandering about aimlessly. As you make your way, focus on making big paces so your presence resonates around the area.

Ways To Increase Self Confidence

Use firm and gentle handshakes when meeting people for the first time. It conveys to others that you’re a bold person who isn’t afraid of the unfamiliar.

Get a grip on the tone of your voice as well. Pitchy tones show that your mind is out of focus at the moment. Try to sound firm yet welcoming.

This somehow makes people believe that you believe in what you’re saying. From your end, try to understand the topic first before you share your five cents.

You will definitely look ridiculous if you ramble about things that aren’t connected to the conversation.

When walking with a group of people, don’t try to fall behind. Go with the crowd, and when you have the chance to head the group, grab it and look as if you are where you rightly belong.

Be pleasant at all times and appreciate the jokes made, unless, of course, if they get derogatory. Laughter not only grabs attention, but it also showcases that you are happy, vibrant, and having fun.

Ways To Increase Self Confidence….most important of all is eye contact. Make sure you lock eyes with the person you’re talking to. This shows that you are genuinely interested in what he or she has to say. Of course, there’s a fine line between concentrating and staring.

Smile and nod your head every so often so show the other person that you are actually giving what they have to say some thought.

While these moves will help earn you some respect, you have to also realize that confidence comes from deep within. Know that you are a person of substance.

If you genuinely are interested about other people, this feeling will naturally show itself. Don’t over-think things and just enjoy every moment as they come.

Ways To Increase Self Confidence….do you want MORE out of life? We believe that YOU deserve the best! The best health. The most happiness. And unlimited prosperity too, and it’s all within reaching distance!

Updated: November 11, 2012 — 3:24 am

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