Indoor Gardening – Living in Harmony with Nature

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Indoor Gardening - Living in Harmony with Nature!

The term indoor gardening covers a broad range of topics from growing herbs to full-scale greenhouses. Regardless of the scale, it is essentially growing plants inside a residence or some other structure.

Indoor gardening can be either a personal hobby, a commercial enterprise, or something in-between. The scale of the indoor garden depends on the needs and desires of the person or persons involved.

But What is Indoor Gardening?

Some people get confused when hearing about indoor gardening. They often think of potted house plants sitting on a window sill; or maybe a larger plant sitting in the corner of the living room. But indoor plants can encompass more than that.

You can grow vegetables inside, even in small spaces like an apartment. It’s true that you may not see stalks of corn, but plants like cherry tomatoes, strawberries, and peppers are easily adapted to an indoor garden. If you have the space you can incorporate other indoor plants as well.

Indoor gardening has also adapted some of the newer agricultural technologies, especially hydroponics. This is growing plants and vegetables in water rather than soil. A major advantage cited for this type of indoor garden is that your plants don’t need as much room between them as with soil, so you can grow more plants within the same space.

Other people have converted their windows and balconies into mini-greenhouses. And the more elaborate have actually built a small to medium size greenhouse attached to their home. It all depends on how much space you have and how much time you wish to spend caring for your indoor garden. For just like a traditional outdoor garden, your plants do need to be looked after daily.

What are the Benefits of Indoor Gardening?

We have all heard from health professionals about the benefits of fresh fruits and vegetables. So how fresh can it be if it’s grown right in your home? No traveling to the local market. There are additional health benefits to having an indoor garden. Researchers have found that many tropical plants absorb harmful volatile organic compounds (VOC), many of which are found in home cleaning products.

So you could build a flower wall of exotic plants in your living room. Besides their decorative flair, they will absorb the harmful VoC’s within the house. House plants also absorb carbon dioxide and emit oxygen. Having an indoor garden can therefore increase the oxygen level within the home while reducing the carbon dioxide level.

Mental health experts also claim that house plants provide a soothing environment. Not only the daily maintenance of indoor plants, but the visual effect itself provides a relief from stress and other anxieties. Indoor gardens also help regulate the humidity within the home. Too low or too high a humidity level can increase the risk of contracting various viral and bacterial infections.

An indoor garden full of blossoming house plants also contributes to the overall aesthetic appeal of the home. Some people even perceive homes as being more “expensive” when there are indoor plants placed throughout the house.

Your home can truly become your sanctuary from the chaos of this world simply by incorporating house plants and other indoor plants. An indoor garden will not only provide you with readily accessible food but also mental and physical health benefits.

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