Maintaining Your Hot Tub

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by Joe
(Midvale, Utah)

Just like maintaining your swimming pool is important, doing the same for your hot tub is equally important.

Below are some useful tips for you to use to help keep your spa running and looking like it is new.

How To Clean Your Hot Tub Shell:

It is important to clean your hot tub shell to keep it looking new. Make sure you clean your hot tub shell with a mild cleaner that is both non-abrasive and non-sudsing. A soft cloth or nylon scrubber should be used to apply the cleaner and to gently scrub the shell of your hot tub. Once you have finished cleaning and drying your hot tub shell it is suggested that you apply a product like Spa Shine to help protect, seal and restore the shine to the shell.

Additionally you can typically remove any of the pillows your spa has and clean them per your spa or hot tubs owner’s manual. As far as your vinyl cover, the easiest method to cleaning it is to remove it and first gently spray it down with a garden hose to remove any dirt or debris.

After you have sprayed it down you can then use a sponge and a mild soap solution to clean it using a circular motion. The underside of yourhot tub cover should also be sprayed down but you should not use any soap. Finally, use a one of the many cover shield products to condition the cover and keep it looking new.

Cleaning Your Hot Tub Filter:

Hot tub filters eventually become clogged with mineral particles and debris which will keep them from working properly. To clean them you need to use a garden hose to spray out the pleats while slowlyturning the filter. Next you should soak your filter in a filter cleaner made specially for hot tub filter cartridges. You need to make sure to do this about once a month.

How to Remove Detergent Residue:

Soap film from your body and detergent residue from your bathing suit can accumulate in your hot tub or spa water . Both can easily be removed by simply draining the water from your tub and then refilling it with fresh water.

Preparing Your Hot Tub For Winter:

For those who have to deal with freezing temperatures it is recommended that a winter blanket be purchased. This is installed inside of your equipment compartment and provides insulation to many of your hot tub components that can freeze up.

You also want to ensure that your hot tub cover fits properly and will not let heat escape. Any snow should be removed from your cover before it builds up to much. The locks on your cover may develop ice and this can easily be removed by splashing hot water over them. You should never attempt to pry off the ice from the locks.

Using a hot tub gazebo is always a good idea if you live in an area that gets lots of snow.

If you want to keep your hot tub looking and running like new then follow these simple steps.

Updated: December 31, 2013 — 4:25 pm

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