Making Extra Cash….Sell Some Stuff on eBay

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by Rachel Saunders
(Hastings, UK)

We’ve all heard the stories about how people have started out small selling an item or two on eBay and within a few weeks or months they’re raking in thousands of dollars each month.

Are they true? Some of them are and it’s being done everyday. Selling on eBay is easy if you’re willing to educate yourself and follow the rules that have been honed to near perfection over many years of trial and error.

Register with eBay is a good way to begin and browse through the various auctions and see what’s selling and what’s not. There are many tutorials, books and audios you can purchase (some of them are free) if you’re serious about making money on eBay.

The more you know the more likely you are to succeed. The basics are easy and you can get started almost immediately. But, to make serious money it typically takes a while to fine tune your business.

The beauty of selling online auctions is that it’s inexpensive to get started and test a product. Throw it out there and see how many buyers bite. If it’s a flop, try something else and you’ve only lost a few cents. eBay offers many ways to research a product to see what an item has sold for and how many have sold. If there’s no demand for your product, find something else.

Good feedback goes a long way to the success of buying or selling on eBay. Feedback is a system where each buyer or seller receives a rating on his service and the item. A good way to get startedreceiving positive feedback is to buy a few items and pay promptly.

Whether buying or selling the best way to pay is through Pay Pal. This is a company affiliated with eBay that allows you to pay with acredit card through them. It’s easy, fast and as safe as possible. You can accept checks or money orders if you want, but it delays completing the transaction.

When you’re ready to start selling it’s probably best to start with items around the home you don’t want anymore such as clothes, electronics, books and collectibles. When you run out of those you can find items at garage sales, wholesale houses and even other auctions. Some people sell items for a commission for their friends.

You can sell both new and used items. It’s nice if you can find a niche market for something you’re interested in such as digital cameras, Hot Wheels, or antiques.
The more specialized you become the more you’re perceived as an expert.

When you have multiple items for sale or a good source for your products it may be time to place them in an eBay store. Details on how to do this can be found on the eBay website. In the eBay store, your items are on display without the expense of a bricks and mortar building.

Be honest about the things you’re selling and point out any flaw it may have. If you make a mistake, admit it and make it good. Your reputation as a seller is at stake. A good digital picture of the item will reveal most flaws and will boost your sales. Most of the time on eBay the first picture is free and you can add others for a small fee.

When you sell an item, communicate with your buyer and ship promptly. Say thank you and that you’d appreciate receiving a good feedback and you’ll do the same. Selling on eBay one item at a time or in volume in an eBay store is an excellent way to make easy extra money and maybe even a small fortune…at least a good living.

Updated: February 10, 2016 — 4:08 am

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