The Meaning of Rose Colors

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Although not everyone knows or cares about the meaning of rose colors, knowing rose color meanings can prevent awkward mis-communication if you choose to send roses to someone.

red rose

Everyone knows that red roses are symbols of love. A single red rose with a long stem can communicate, “I love you” more eloquently than a grand bouquet of any other flower variety.

pink rose

The meaning of the pink rose is of a more platonic nature. Pink roses come in three shades: pale, light, and deep, each of which means something different:

  • Pale pink roses symbolize gratitude, grace, and gentleness.
  • Light pink roses indicate happiness and fun. They mean that the recipient is a joy to behold, someone who is fun to be around.
  • Deep pink roses are expressions of gratitude.

Lavender or lilac roses are indicative of love at first sight. These roses are appropriate to send just after meeting someone, or if you particularly enjoyed a date and felt a strong mutual attraction.

The meaning of white roses is innocence, purity, and truth. They send the message that the sender is worthy of the recipient (has pure intentions, is pure in body and soul). White roses also send an “I miss you” message.

Coral roses are bright and seem to burn with passion, so they send a message of desire.

Sending peach roses, just like sending pink roses, is a more platonic gesture. Peach roses can have two different meanings: gratitude and appreciation or an expression of sympathy.

orange rose

Orange is an enthusiastic color, which is exactly what orange roses are meant to convey. Orange roses indicate the enthusiasm that the sender feels for the recipient. It is a happy, loving sort of enthusiasm. These brightly colored roses also indicate desire.

yellow rose

Yellow roses, appropriate for a variety of occasions, are often used in congratulations, such as for weddings, graduations, and new mothers. The meaning of yellow roses is friendship. NEVER send yellow roses to someone for whom you have romantic feelings. These flowers also indicate a desire for freedom, so if your significant other is sending you yellow roses, he or she might be giving you a subtle hint.

Finally, though few people would do this anymore, sending dead roses, no matter their color, can mean only one thing: “We’re through.”

Two more tidbits about the meaning of rose colors: Red and white roses together symbolize unity. Red, white and pink together are indicative of the Holy Trinity.

Rose photos courtesy of www.cepolina.com/freephoto/.

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