More Tips for Going Green in the Garden

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by Fred Roundstone
(Angmering, West Sussex, UK)

For many people who are into going green, you may want to take it outside to your garden. But with so many chemicals and other toxins to keep pesky bugs and insects away, how is it even possible to go green?

There are now more and more ways to go green in your garden, and there are several tips and tricks to getting home made pesticides as well.

You can now have that beautiful and fruitful garden you’ve always wanted without going broke, and without using harsh chemicals that will pass into your fruits and vegetables.

Here are a few tips to help you go green with your garden, as well as a few ways to have homemade pesticides to protect your garden and being co-friendly.


This is perhaps one of the simplest ways to give back to Earth and all while staying within your budget and not draining out your wallet. Plant a tree; plant something.

It can be a tree, a bush, or anything; whatever you plant will help the environment. Imagine the difference it would make to the earth if everyone planted one tree a year.

Trees are beneficial as they help to eliminate carbon dioxide that is found in the air we breathe. This can help keep the air clean and betters the environment in more than one way.

Plants additionally can help prevent erosion of the soil and can additionally control cycles of water and temperatures.

Use Healthy Soil

Pesticides are something that are not healthy for humans at all and they neither are they good for gardens, whether flower, fruit orvegetable gardens.

Make sure that you start your garden with soil that is rich in nutrients as well as minerals they need to grow. This can help to eliminate the need for extensive use of pesticides.

Having good bugs is also a plus for any garden. They can help your garden in many ways, and your garden even has its own “immune system” as well that needs to be maintained.

Reduce Fertilizer

It’s never a good idea to feed your plants too much, fertilizer as it makes them form sappy weal growth that attracts insects.

Too much nutrients will leak out into water supplies such as lakes and streams. This in turn can ruin the water supplies and can kill off fish and other animals that live in the water.


There are a few different types of repellents that can be used to get rid of bad bugs that may eat your garden down to nothing. Environmentally friendly repellents will get rid of bugs almost as well as toxic ones.

Stick with repellents that are made from garlic or even black pepper bases. Use repellents before bad bugs begin infesting in your garden too much.

You can also grow plants that certain bad bugs do not like to help keep them away.


There are also a wide variety of pesticides available to help keep your garden at its best while being eco-friendly and scaring off bad bugs.

Here are a few of the most common ones:

* For insects that have soft bodies, use Organocide

* For slugs, use a product known as Sluggo

* For insects that have hard bodies, use Pyrethin spray or the powder

* For mosquitos, there is garlic spray

* For grubs consider using Milky Spore

* For cutworms and also caterpillars you may want to look into BT

These are just a few of the most common ones around that can help keep your garden free of these pests that can ruin it.

For your garden, there are two bugs, known as “beneficial bugs” that can help your garden. Ladybugs are a type of these beneficial bugs and can help keep insects such as grubs, fleas, and also crickets out of your garden.

Ladybugs can help keep soft bodied insects out of your garden. Lacewing bugs are also good bugs.

You can also take a hose and spray out pests or pick them out by hand rather than using pesticides.

Additionally, there are also certain types of traps created to help get rid of beetles, aphids, thrips, whitefly and leafminers.

These are just a few of the many ways you can keep your garden green and free of pests that are out to ruin your garden.

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Updated: November 10, 2012 — 3:44 am

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