1. first comment – great job Brian

  2. Great Curb Appeal.

  3. @ThirdProverb Cable man 🙂

  4. Very nice job you done there, nice handy work.

  5. very nice

  6. Came out very nice. I like the deck in the front looks like an awsome place
    to kick it and have a beer and listen to some tunes. Isaac G.

  7. looks great !

  8. It looks awesome! Love the front porch and the coloring really makes it
    stand out. Looking forward to seeing the interior updates when they’re
    done. Now, go take a chill in your new chill spot!

  9. best house on the block Brian

  10. @BrunoAndradeRnB Yes the whole neighborhood is changing. The one of the
    other side of us just was bought by a lawyer and is getting fixed up as we
    speak. Roof and inside first. In Spring, porch and siding.

  11. Don’t smoke in your house because the house will stink like smoke! Bad
    habit guy but some cool vids. Make the gig logs longer if possible to see
    your intro to bridle party and your announcements and mixes that you do at
    your weddings. The Bucks will have a great team this year! They are young
    and talented!

  12. Good job! I hope you get through this freaky storm with no damage.

  13. id be proud to call that my home.

  14. This shows djs all over the world that if you work hard enough and apply
    yourself , you can actually make a living at djing! and a darn good
    one………..Great job Brian ,were all proud of you………You are truly
    an inspiration………..and to all those people who say to us ( when are
    you going to get a real job?} we can show them all this video and in your
    own words…shout out….HA! AND DOUBLE HA! 🙂

  15. Looks really nice and the colours are very modern!

  16. good job and great car 😀

  17. Now looks it better. Good job!!!!

  18. Thanks for that personal video!

  19. Woo Hoo! Youtube party at Brians house this weekend!!! Brian supplies all
    the beer and music for us to enjoy!!!!

  20. Hey Brian great job. You house puts the others to shame from what I can
    see. I also like the colours that you went with, looks very nice. Who chose
    the colours? Damien.

  21. House looks great!

  22. Tidy job Brian … next time you’re in England bring some tools ;o)

  23. wow cool:D

  24. congrats, really nice job, it looks really professionally done!

  25. It looks much better . Especially the porch columns , I have seen entire
    blocks become nothng but aluminum siding and it does look nice but after
    seeing a before picture wood siding stands above all .

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