1. I want one! 

  2. benchmark that raid 5!!

  3. Where can I get a 8140?

  4. HOW do you acess your pc at home , while in work ???????????

  5. 8tb, and an 8 core cpu setup. God thats just a server. Linus is awesome.

  6. And he uses a rog motherboard… For storage…

  7. not a boat but a boot

  8. You can tell by the HDD cages that it’s a R3, the R4’s can be taken out.

  9. Ahh fair point. I probably should have thought about the different prices
    in different countries lol…

  10. 6:56 Family Guy, Futurama, King of the Hill, Seinfeld, SHUTTER ISLAND,
    South Park, and the Office. Well played, Linus.

  11. That was the most boring video of all-time. I’m glad I don’t worry about
    crap like this with my computer.

  12. nice setup, but what speed of a connection do you have to make it
    reasonable transfer time. imagine you better than 5kb/s. just curious.

  13. nevermind payed closer attention. nice setup though.

  14. Get a UPS.

  15. But, will it totally protect it from lightning? I’m mostly worried about
    the ethernet connection, that’s where it usually strikes

  16. Some UPS companies will cover the damage, should lightning strike. Also, I
    believe some UPSs have ethernet ports on them as well.

  17. Ok, might get one next year for when summer storms will annoy again, thanks.

  18. what is the software?? 03:47

  19. do you have it as “Update” or “mirror” ?

  20. i7 is a terrible choice for gaming, don’t waste your money. Just get an i5

  21. linus what case does your backup server have?

  22. ahha the only time Linus uses AMD is in his SERVER pc. hahahah

  23. Yes, the offsite backup is just a machine that you transfer files to via
    FTP (I recommend using sFTP or FTPs, since FTP is a very insecure protocol,
    but you can research more on that yourself). So because of that, as long as
    the machine you’re using has enough storage capacity for both the stuff you
    want to back up as well as his stuff, you’re all good.

  24. “videos”

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