Practical Advice on Frugal Gardening

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Practical Advice on Frugal gardeningGardening is the closest a human being can get to reverting back to nature and frugal gardening is one of the hottest buzzwords today.

Gardening, once considered a layman’s pastime, actually has an immense healing effect on the mind. In fact, medical science has recognized it as one of the most effective therapies for psychosomatic diseases like hypertension & diabetes etc, which are a resultant of poor lifestyle and bad diet!.

Like any other hobby, all you need is a little creativity, flexibility and an open mind. Of course a strong willingness to work hard and patience will also help too. There is no need to spend a fortune to buy pots, containers, tools, seeds or even ready made plants from a nursery. All you need is a little imagination and prudence in planning your garden, the way you like, from simple but effective method.

If you are looking for container gardening, instead of buying expensive earthen or ceramic pots, any unwanted, broken containers from your kitchen or a garage sale, which could hold dirt and can drain water can be put into use. For example, buckets (with holes at the bottom), old tyres, old trunk boxes, bundles of wire fencing can be used. Your imagination is the limit. Even old shoes can be put into use!.

Using plant cuttings, cuttings from the food we buy from the groceries could do the trick in place of expensive new plants from the nursery. Plants like mint, geranium, scented geranium, red valerian, pincushion are some plants that can be grown using this method.

Woody branch type shrubs such as hydrangea, laurel, forsythia etc, can be grown from cut branches that have buds or new shoots on them. They have to be trimmed in such a way that there are one or 2 leaves with a bud for shoot and a similar set for root. Trimming off all other extra leaves will direct all the energy of the new sapling to help build its root structure. This method though very slow, can be very effective in planning your garden’s border.

Using organic and natural products for fertilizers, mulching with newsprint, old carpet pieces, straws or shredded tree limbs along with companion planting to ward off pests and critters will result in healthy roots of your plants, which in turn will result in healthy plants. So, there is no need to spend on costly pesticides and fertilizers.

Last but not the least, knowing your plant zone, harvesting your own seeds from existing plant or tree sources and rainwater harvesting in your garden are cheap but effective. So, frugal gardening is the way to go for fully fledged gardening within whatever landscape you have. And that can be the secret of your perfect health too!.

Updated: May 14, 2013 — 2:29 am

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